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Deforestation – Causes and Consequences

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Causes and Consequences Deforestation – We believe, you are already aware of this term. It is nothing but cutting trees, preventing them to grow again, and reducing the green cover from our mother earth. 

We are talking about deforestation not because it is a much talked about topic of discussion but because we care for our ecosystem and we want to bring a positive change in our attitudes towards trees and forests. 

What is Deforestation? 

Technically, deforestation is the clearing, destroying, or removal of trees through deliberate, accidental, or natural means. It can happen in any area with extensive trees and plants, but a majority of it is happening in the Amazon rainforest. 

Deforestation is bad for us, for animals, and every bit of our environment. The loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil erosion, floods, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and a host of other problems for the indigenous people Causes and Consequences. 

Deforestation is the result of several reasons including farming. It didn’t happen recently, but it has been happening since humans began converting from hunter to agriculture-based societies, which needed larger unobstructed pieces of land to accommodate crops, cattle, and housing. It was only in the modern era that deforestation turned into an epidemic. 

Effects of Deforestation on our Eco System

Loss of Habitat

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One of the most dangerous effects of deforestation is the loss of animal and plant species. 70% of land animals and plant species live in forests. Deforestation not only threatens the species known to us but also the unknown ones. You might not realize but the trees in the rainforests act as a cover to balance the temperature in the world. More deforestation results in a dramatic shift in the temperature from day to night, which is fatal to humans Causes and Consequences. 

Increased greenhouse gases

Reducing green cover from the world will increase the number of greenhouse gases in the environment. We already know that healthy forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide us with oxygen. The deforested areas lose that ability leading to more carbon dioxide in the environment Causes and Consequences. 

Soil Erosion and Flooding

Deforestation is evil and it affects all the species of this land inside out. Some of the dire effects of deforestation include soil erosion and flooding. Trees have their roots in the earth, they help to retain the moisture of the land and provide rich nutrients to sustain forest life. In the absence of forests, soil erodes and washes away, farmers also move with the land and there is no maintenance of the regular crop cycle. The barren land left behind becomes more susceptible to floods Causes and Consequences. 

Destruction of Homelands

Deforestation leads to the destruction of several homelands as innumerable species lose their habitat during the process. Even the indigenous communities making their living through forests also leave their lands to move to a foreign world. It becomes difficult for them to survive in such an atmosphere Causes and Consequences. 

We all should contribute to fighting deforestation and not only individuals but contributions should come from a political and systematic perspective. Many countries have already started working positively towards planting more and more trees, but more efforts are required. Here are some ideas that will help Causes and Consequences: 

  • Preventing illegal logging in old-growth forests. 
  • Protecting and maintaining the forest ecosystem by creating laws and regulations to ensure that the forest land is safeguarded. 
  • Reforming trade agreements such as penalizing products created from deforestation, and adding incentives to sustainable ones. 
  • Educating local communities and tourists about the importance of protecting forests. 
  • While many of these efforts are already implemented, doing more is only going to help.

At LearnPlant, we understand the importance of sustainable ways of learning. We encourage our students to be empathetic towards our environment. As we are an online teaching institute, we teach online discouraging the excessive use of paper and plastic Causes and Consequences. 

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