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Constipation and its Consequences

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Constipation is a result of excess absorption of water from the food in the digestive tract. It is a condition wherein the stool becomes dry, hard and difficult to pass through the anus. It hampers the bowel movements of an individual, limiting them to three times or less per week.

However, constipation is not only a painful inconvenience but it can also affect the body in numerous ways. It can lead to various other complications that can hamper the daily routine of an individual.  

Here are some consequences of constipation

  1. Back Pain

Constipation and back pain are co-related in many cases. According to medical experts, fecal impaction can result in back pain. It is defined as a condition in which a large and hard mass of dry stool gets stuck in the colon or the rectum, making stool excretion hard and resulting in pain that can radiate to the lower back and abdomen. Furthermore, obstructive constipation can also result in back pain. Primarily caused due to the blockage of stool, it makes defecation painful and puts a lot of pressure on the lower back. With the body continuously producing waste, the pain may increase with time if the condition is left untreated.

  • Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain during constipation is normal. According to experts, this pain is generally caused due to the urge to have a bowel movement or gas buildup in the stomach. Furthermore, it can also indicate towards an underlying health problem. Thus, one should consult a medical expert with immediate effect in case the pain becomes chronic. 

  • Vomiting
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Vomiting along with irregular bowel movements could be a potential result of fecal impaction. As mentioned earlier, it is a condition in which a large and hard mass of stuck stool makes defecation difficult. This is a serious complication and people are advised to avail medical assistance as soon as possible.  

  • Loss of Appetite

Many a times, people suffering from constipation experience loss of appetite. Irregular bowel movements tend to make food consumption a difficult and awkward task for an individual. The human body consists of a complex nerve structure that transmits information all over the body about what goes in and what goes out. Constipation hampers this system and interrupts the communication loop to shut down the urge of eating.    Stomach bloating, headache, hemorrhoids, bloody stools, and bad breath (in some cases) are some other consequences related to constipation. However, people can get relief from common constipation symptoms with safe ayurvedic treatment for constipation or by using a top quality ayurvedic product KABZEND.

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