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The Influence of Computers and Technologies in a Student’s Life1

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Computers and Technologies We know that there are no fields which are not affected by computers and technology. In every field, we can see the influence of technology especially when we take the educational field. The computers and technology now plays a key role in the educational field and has become an important part of the teacher’s curriculum. It not only changed the mindset of people but also changed the mindset of society. In the past education was limited to certain caste and limited to boundaries. But new as we are living in a well-developed society people use education as their weapon and want to be educated in every possible way. In that case, technology helping a lot to enhance the learning skills as well as the teaching skills of the teachers. If we analyze what change did technology and computers have brought in the student’s life it’s really brought deep and positive effects. Not only on students life but also on teachers teaching pattern. Now teachers are able to deliver more quality education with the usage of computers and other technological devices. When we take students life it has brought a positive mindset towards learning. Students are really stressed now in the learning process because they have a helping hand called technology Computers and Technologies.


As we all know academic life is filled with new challenges and new stress triggering factors. In the past when students got any class work or any other activities they felt really stressed because it was difficult to handle. There was no good rapport with the teacher and they have t handle everything alone.Computers and Technologies But in this modern era, they are not that much stress. They know that a computer with an internet connection will help them in solving their every problem. If they feel any doubt and confusion related to the topic they can easily Google it and they will get all the necessary information’s. So they feel more confident while comparing to the past educational process. As the rapport with the teacher also increased into a good level through the technological usage. When a teacher uses certain videos in the class they can openly have a discussion about it so such matters allot for a student. It naturally results in the increasing confidence Computers and Technologies.

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Individual learning

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A student knows to operate the computers and technological devices. They can learn without anyone’s help. As we know they will get all the necessary information’s related to their subject about the chapter every single information’s can be collected through technology. So if they can use t whenever they want where ever they want. If it is a park or bus stand or a restaurant they can use it and nothing will stop them from that. So through individual learning, the students get all positive impact in their studies and will be able to understand their strong point and weak point without any kind of disturbance Computers and Technologies.

Become expert in technological skills

As they get the technological skills and ideas related to it in their beginning of academic life they will become expert in that when they complete their academicals career. In the future, it will really useful to them in their professional life.AS we know that in every field we can see the usage of the computer system and technological devices if you don’t know the operating elements of it, it will be considered as a negative point so to lead a successful professional life you must be an expert in the technological skills which will be attained through the use of computers in academicals life Computers and Technologies.

When we are thinking about the positive impact of technology on student’s life we must think of the negative effects too. When the students use technology by crossing their limit it will go to some problematic situations. So it is the responsibility of the teacher and the parents to guide their child in the positive and right path and not allowing them to become the slaves of technology. Computers must be controlled by us; we should not be controlled by the computers. And if we take a positive impact it has brought a new concept of learning and teaching and helped to enhance the quality of education Computers and Technologies.

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