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Commercial Kitchen Pantry Cleaning Services in Delhi NCR

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Commercial Kitchen or Pantry is an essential part of every Industry. It is the busiest area of all, so it is necessary to keep the area neat and clean. Most cooks love to cook meals and try to make them authentic and special but cleaning is not part of their job they do basic cleaning only. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning or Commercial Pantry Cleaning is not an easy task to handle. Easy Services provides services like Office pantry cleaning, School pantry cleaning, Hotel Kitchen Cleaning, Restaurant Kitchen cleaning or other Commercial pantry or kitchen cleaning services. It is better to hire a Commercial Kitchen Cleaning service or Commercial Pantry Cleaning service provider near my area. 

Following Basic Etiquette

To keep the Pantry area or break space clean some basic rules to be followed. It is good if you put signs and keep does and don’ts written on the area so, that everyone knows about the rues and everyone follows them as it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the area clean Commercial Kitchen.   

Some of the basic etiquette that all are supposed to follow is putting waste into garbage so, that place remains garbage free. Eating foods on pantry or canteen area only so, that office desk remains free of food strains and can only be used for work purpose only. Use of toaster and making it available for others as soon as possible. Microwave or OTG used for warming food should be used properly following guidelines and must be powered off after use. While consuming food make sure it is less dirty and make space available for others without wasting time Commercial Kitchen.

How to Sanitize Area

It is important to sanitize the Pantry area as it is a common place where people sit, enjoy different drinks and meals and do other activities. Sanitizing the area before and after use is the best way to keep it clean, minimizing risk of health hazards. The Pantry area is used for many activities like cooking, eating etc. It also becomes a breeding area for many microorganisms and pests to grow. These viruses, pests not only cause diseases but also spread many diseases which may cause serious problems to human health. Sanitizing the area helps to control growth of virus and other microorganisms and prevents spread of diseases Commercial Kitchen.

What and How to Clean

There are many things to clean like in Appliances –

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  • Fridge

Fridge must be cleaned from both inside and outside. Make sure the power switch is turned off. Check for spoiled food items and remove expired food containers like Jam, Pickles.

  • Microwave

Microwaves must be cleaned after use if there is any spillage. It must be cleaned using microfiber cloth. Make sure the container’s mouth is tightly covered while warming foods.

  • Toaster

Toasters are used many times on a daily basis so it must be cleaned periodically to remove breadcrumb particles or others for best use. 

  • Tea/Coffee maker

Tea or Coffee makers used to make Tea or Coffee must be cleaned. If not cleaned due to moisture or food leftovers like coffee, sugar powders remain attached with inside containers which results in faulty usage or slow process of the machine Commercial Kitchen.

  • Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are used in different industries for drinking purposes which is good for health point of view. To keep it clean it’s filters must be cleaned or replaced from time to time Commercial Kitchen.

Other cleaning like –
  • Chairs

Different types of chairs are used in commercial Pantry or kitchen space like Steel, Plastic, wooden with leather or other materials. Keeping in mind materials to be cleaned, chairs must be cleaned.  

  • Table

Tables used for eating and drinking purposes are the most unhygienic place if not cleaned and sanitized properly.  Table must be cleaned after every single use so that the table is cleaned and hygienic for the next person to sit and consume food items. Table materials may vary one has to keep in mind while cleaning them Commercial Kitchen.

  • Sofa

Like chairs some sofas are also placed in some commercial Pantry areas. These sofas are made up of different material keeping in mind dry vacuum cleaning or dry cleaning is done to clean them properly. Commercial Sofa cleaners clean them properly.

  • Decorative items

There are many decorative items also in commercial Kitchen or Pantry areas like school or college ones. These decorative items are meant not only for decoration purposes only but also to attract small kids attention in schools and point of attraction for college students. Decorative needs to be cleaned properly by dry or wet mopping Commercial Kitchen. 

  • Floors

Commercial kitchens or pantries have different types of floors which get dirty as pantries have plenty of footfalls. With people coming in and out makes it dirty constantly with dust and dirt. Floors need to be cleaned daily several times with brooms, dusters, mops and cleaners and at the end should be sanitized.

  • Wall tiles

Kitchen wall tiles also get dirty while cooking on a daily basis. Residue of different gravy, oils, and spices makes it dirty and look dull. Wall tiles need to be professionally cleaned to remove dirt and strains.

  • Exhaust

The kitchen exhaust fan and pipes are also attached which gets oily and dirty. To keep the kitchen functional these need to be cleaned thoroughly.

  • Chimney

Kitchen chimney is an essential part of commercial Pantry and Kitchen. Chimney makes working in the kitchen for long hours possible as it exhausts constantly polluted air and vapors. Chimneys need to be cleaned by professional Kitchen cleaners.    

  • Oven and Burners

Oven and burners in the kitchen are constantly in use as it is where delicious dishes were made. Due to constant use and burns it gets dirty easily. So, the oven and burners must be cleaned by Commercial Kitchen cleaners.

  • Sink

Kitchen sink is the most important part of any kitchen or pantry as it is where all the cleaning part is done. So, Kitchen sink and its pipe gets dirty and clogged by food items which need to be cleaned properly by professionals. 

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  • Dustbins

Dustbins play a very important role in keeping Commercial kitchen and Commercial Pantry clean. There are many types of waste like dry, wet, Recyclable etc. These waste needs to be collected in different dustbins so that thrash should be collected and decomposed accordingly. 

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