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    Coffee or tea: Which one is better for your health?

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    Coffee could be the ideal dessert to jump and start the day, on the other hand, a fresh cup of tea will help you to keep relaxing after completing a hectic day. Both coffee and tea have different types of benefits and they are closely related to our day to day life. Now, let me discuss which one is better for your health?

    When we will go for this comparison firstly we need to have a quick look at what it does to our body? It means how this beverage can help you to keep fit for daily work, its side impact, taste, and so many things.

    Tea Health Benefits:

    In the recent time, Elliott Miler who is known as a medical specialist from the National Institution of health, he examined the signs and symptoms of heart disease for more than 7K people in the United States. They have found almost 75 percent of people drink coffee in the morning and the rest of them are drinking tea. From this study, we have received a message that, drinking is much better than taking coffee for heart patients.

    Some other studies have told us that tea has the ability to reduce the breast, prostate and skin cancer. It has magical power and it is drinking tea will help you to reduce the cholesterol as well as it will lower the blood pressure level.

    Coffee health benefits:

    Some people blame me that, coffee has made me anxious but it has a few damn good effects. Coffee will help you to reduce Diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer disease. If you have a regular habit of drinking coffee then it will lower the risk of dementia and gallstones.

    Researchers have found that caffeinated beverage will help you to lead a longer life. If you are a pregnant woman then it will be a wise decision to avoid the coffee in this period it will not bring any good news for you.

    In a single day, one cup of coffee contains 100 milligrams of caffeine; on the other hand, the same amount of tea has less than 50 milligrams of caffeine.

    Now take your decision which one is good for you? Make some research and take your decision.

    Which is more acidic coffee or tea?   

    We know that black or green tea is comparatively less acidic than coffee. From an analysis report, we got that, coffee is less acidic than the same amount of lemon tea. On the other hand, it could be more acidic than black tea. Now, if we look at the pH comparison then black tea has 6.37 and coffee got 5.35. The acidity level might depend on the location. Do you need to find out an answer where did it come from?

    Final few words

    Now, if I make a summary for you then I would like to say coffee drinkers can continue their habit as it contains a lot of good things for our health. If you like to take tea on a regular basis then it could a great idea not bad at all. Above all, I like to put my money on behalf of, coffee. So you can buy a reasonable price coffee maker at your home. Thanks a lot. 9

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