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Check Out the Medical Conditions Which Are Inadmissible For Canada Immigration

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Canada is a lucrative country for the immigrants. People specially from India, prefer this country for their welcoming nature towards immigrants. They get a better life with excellent job opportunities, health and education system after they migrate to the country. It has been seen that the Best Immigration Agents in Delhi always have the demand for Canada visa.

Due to the Pandemic situation, the immigration process was on halt. However, as everything comes into shape after the vaccination; the demand is going up.

If you want to fulfill your dream of Canada immigration by applying for the visa, then you must know that you need to meet some specific terms and conditions to become eligible for it. The health condition of the aspirant is one of such important criteria. If the person cannot meet the requirement set by the immigration department of Canada, then the applicant will be barred from applying for visa. The health background is as important factor for Canada visa rejection as criminal background or incompetency in financial area.

The health conditions that are not admissible in Canada are most of the infectious and these can put the health of the Canadian people at risk. Those conditions are:

  • Syphilis which is untreated
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Mental health problems that remain untreated
  • Substance abuse

All of these are quite significant health issues and on the basis of these, your visa can be denied. Moreover, it cannot be altered with excess financial resources. The Canada immigration department sends the notice to the applicant within 60 days for the inadmissibility to Canada so that they can counter the decision.

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The immigrant officer of Canada will inspect the health condition of the applicant. In case, they think that the medical condition of the person can put much burden to the Canadian health and social services, they can reject the visa.

They can reject the visa of the applicant on the following grounds. If the applicant needs more access for the social as well as medical services in the next five years

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