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Bypass Surgery: Risks and Benefits

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Heart bypass surgery, technically Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG) is a common surgical method followed for treatment of patients with a blockage in arteries. A nerve is taken from elsewhere in the body, which is called “graft,” is placed in the same artery to bypass the blockage area. A rerouting of the blood flow to avoid the choked portion to deliver nutrients to the heart.

Bypass Surgery

Patients with a history of heart attacks or cardiovascular issues such as chest pain (Angina) are suggested this surgical correction. The surgery had severe complications and fatal outcomes earlier. Due to the fact that it is an open heart surgery requiring stopping the functioning of the heart, at least for some time. Advancements in treatment processes subsequent to detailed research have reduced the complications optimally. Nowadays, heart bypass surgery is just like any other treatment method. It is one of the most accepted heart attack treatment methods followed globally. 

You may go through the article to understand the risks as well as benefits of bypass surgery. However, you need not be anxious about the surgical method. As we have mentioned earlier, the advancement in medical technology and the invention of modern equipment has lessened risk possibilities remarkably. Having said that, it is advisable to check the experience and expertise of the doctor before deciding upon the bypass surgery. 

We are looking into the risks and benefits of bypass surgery or CABG in this article. 

Bypass Surgery – Risks

The risks involved in heart bypass surgery may depend on various factors. The patient’s age is a matter of concern before deciding about the surgery. The other factors that can elevate the chances of risks are the habit of smoking, diabetes, patients with a history of kidney function problems, chronic lung problems, and heart muscle function issues. 

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Bypass surgery risks include the following:

  • Bleeding that may turn fatal. As we have mentioned above, the graft is a nerve removed from any other part of the body. The removal may lead to bleeding that has to be controlled before turning problematic. In some cases, it may call for another emergency surgery to control the bleeding.
  • Infection in the area where surgery was performed. This is a rare condition; however, the doctors’ will take all the precautionary measures to prevent it.  
  • Change in rhythm and heart rhythm variations is a common issue faced by persons undergone CABG
  • Blood clots can occur causing troubles 
  • Stroke
  • Loss of memory
  • Renal issues
  • Fatality 

The doctors will undertake a set of medical and lab tests for obtaining info on the exact physical condition of the patient. All the precautions would be observed to prevent any kind of complications during or after the surgical procedure. Therefore, you may not be apprehensive whilst opting for heart bypass surgery. 

Bypass Surgery – Benefits

The development of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG) or heart bypass surgery transformed the way heart blockage is treated. Nowadays, complicated blockage in the artery can be resolved by bypassing the particular artery without much difficulty. Earlier the bypass surgery had several complications, which have been resolved with the advancement in technologies. 

The benefits of bypass surgery are:

  1. Quick resolution to blockage in the heart
  1. Life-saving treatment method with proven results
  1. The patient doesn’t have to remain in the hospital for many days
  1. High rate of success 

The Conclusion

Chelation Therapy - An ALternative to Bypass Surgery

Although the heart bypass surgery or Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG) possesses risks, an experienced doctor performs the surgery only after examining the patient thoroughly and ascertaining his or her condition. Thereby, reducing the possibilities of risk phenomenally. 

Consult a doctor with enough experience for undergoing bypass surgery, if you choose the same. At the same time, you may note that there are other heart attack prevention treatments as well. Treatment methodologies like Chelation therapy can be beneficial. The experts in chelation treatment may be consulted towards obtaining detailed input about this treatment method. For finalizing the treatment process for you and deciding the precautionary measures. 

PS: You may reach out to us regarding any doubts or confusion about heart attack prevention treatments, the detailed insight into the risks involved in heart bypass surgery, and so on. 

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