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Budget Airlines To Pick When Booking Cheap Flights To India From USA

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Are you ready to leave all your stresses behind and travel halfway across the world to relax and rejuvenate? If your answer is yes, then making reservations for cheap flights to India from USA is the first step to starting your journey. As amazing as it sounds, enjoying a vacation in an exotic destination like India isn’t something that’ll come to you for cheap. Traveling all the way to India will put a significant dent in your bank account if you are not careful. Booking cheap flights to India from USA is an art that requires someone with a lot of knowledge and experience in the travel booking department.

But, let’s be honest. Most of us struggle with choosing the airlines that offer great service and have the lowest airfares at the same time. To counter this problem, there are several budget airlines in the market now that give you a wonderful experience at a very affordable price. At the same time, there are also local airline carriers that can prove to be just as economical as budget airlines. With so many options in both cases, it might still be hard to make a final decision. So, we have shortlisted five airlines that will surely deliver in terms of service and cost.

  • Spirit Airlines: Spirit Airlines is a leading budget airline from America. As a low budget carrier, it is a given that you will be able to bag the lowest airfares when you book with Spirit Airlines. Apart from the extremely low prices, Spirit Airlines offers several additional benefits for all passengers, and that makes it one of the best choices for flying from the United States. Using the easy online booking service, you can book your flights to the United States via the official airline website. Once you have bagged the most economical deal, you can make use of the online check in service they offer, and be prepared for your flight in advance. Despite the low cost, Spirit Airlines manages to provide comfortable seating to all passengers, and the service offered by the cabin crew is also something to be appreciated. 
  • JetBlue Airways: JetBlue is an award-winning low-cost carrier that has made a mark for itself in the aviation market. All your misconceptions about budget airline carriers will be shattered when you choose to book with JetBlue Airways. The airline is known for its efficient service, both on the ground and in flight. Traveling with JetBlue Airways will not feel like you are flying with a low-cost carrier at all. You will also get complimentary food and drinks on long-haul flights. JetBlue Airways offers a generous baggage allowance and a cheap extra baggage fee. Despite the low prices, this airline succeeds in providing world-class service to all passengers. Flying long-haul cannot get any better than flying with this airline. They also have DIRECTV on their flights, and it is available free of cost. So, no matter how long your flight is, you will never get bored on your way.
  • Frontier Airlines: The tagline of this airline is ‘Low fares done right’, and that one line says everything about this budget airline carrier. The airfare that you pay is essential when you are planning a trip. Frontier is one airline that aims at making travel possible and affordable for one and all. No matter what your budget is, you will be able to fly from the United States to your chosen destination, without having to worry about burning a hole through your bank account. You might need to take one or two extra layovers on your way when you fly with them, but the overall amount that you pay for the plane tickets will be worth all the time you spend waiting. Passengers flying with Frontier also get additional services like free seat selection, free checked luggage, free carry on luggage, web check-in, and more. 
  • Air India: Flying with the local or flag carriers trends to be much cheaper than flying with other international airlines. As the flag carrier of India, Air India is another airline that will get you cheap airfares. Although Air India isn’t exactly a budget airline, the cheap flight tickets that they offer will make you believe otherwise. Flying from the United States to India at an affordable price can be achieved with Air India. This leading airline carrier is also a member of Star Alliance, which is the largest airline alliance in the world. Once you become a member of the Star Alliance, you can also accumulate points or miles that can help you get bigger discounts, upgrades, and even free tickets on certain routes. The service that you will receive from them is unlike other airlines.
  • American Airlines: Last on the list is another leading airline carrier and not a low-cost carrier. As a leading airline based in American, they also offer some pretty steep airfares. With separate cabin classes, they ensure that passengers with low budgets also get good options. Complimentary food and drinks are offered on all long-haul flights, and you can enjoy a great meal for a small amount. American Airlines aims at targeting a larger market and the low airfares that they offer help them in accomplishing this goal. The service that you get with American Airlines is something you cannot get for a low price. If you are looking to fly at a pocket-friendly price, but want to enjoy some great amenities, then American Airlines is the perfect airline for you.

Booking with these five airline carriers will ensure that your journey is pleasant and you never regret your decision to fly to India. Although it may seem hard to land cheap flights to India from USA at first, a little effort and research can help you in landing the prices that you want. You will never struggle with making your flight reservations while sticking to your budget when you choose to book with local airline carriers and budget airlines.

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