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The 5 most breathtaking places to visit in the Graubünden

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the Graubünden Learning in Switzerland, and especially in the wonderful alpine world of Graubünden, is an investment in your future that includes not just work but also play, nature, and a high quality of life. Graubünden is an amazing place for anyone wishing to settle in Switzerland whether with a credit loan in Switzerland or travelling with family. Hence, this article mentions top spectacular places that you can visit in the Graubünden. 

Know about Graubünden 

The canton of Graubünden in Switzerland’s eastern part is a popular destination for winter sports due to its stunning Alpine landscape. St. Moritz is a high-end resort with ski routes, an outdoor ice rink, and ski jumping; it hosted the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948. Skiing and hiking are common pastimes in Davos, Switzerland, which is also home to the annual World Economic Forum. Traditional whitewashed homes with graffiti plasterwork may be seen across the Engadin Valley.

List of Spectacular places to visit in Graubünden

Alp Grüm

Near the Bernaina massiv, at an elevation of 2,091 metres, lies the mountain chalet known as “Alp Grüm.” There’s a beautiful sun patio at this hotel and restaurant. After a pleasant trek, mountain-biking excursion, or even just a scenic ride on the Rhaetian Railway, you’ll feel a renewed sense of independence and calm. From the Alp Grüm sun deck, you can see the Bernina massiv, the Palü Glacier, and the Val Poschavio; it’s a stunning panorama. It’s always worthwhile to stop by Alp Grüm for some of the best Pizzoccheri and Cordon Bleu in the country.

Rhine Gorge

Public transportation will take you right to the Rhine Gorge from the Alpine city of Chur. Ten billion cubic metres of rock crashed into the valley from the Flims landslide, which occurred 10,000 years ago, creating a stunning natural background. Thereafter, the Rhine cut a gorge through the stony terrain between Ilanz and Reichenau. Because of this, a chasm has formed that is justly known as the Swiss Grand Canyon. Train riders, walkers, mountain bikers, and rafters from all over the world are drawn to the strange stone formations framed by pine trees. Beautiful vistas of the Rhine Valley, or “Ruinaulta” as it is known in Romansh, may be seen from any of several viewing platforms positioned at strategic points along the gorge the Graubünden.

Even before the Rhine Falls and the Matterhorn, this breathtaking scenery was recognised for its worth and put under national protection in Switzerland in 1977. The Rhine Gorge is intriguing not only for its spectacular limestone cliffs and wide floodplain woods, but also because it is home to many species of rare plants and animals (especially birds, butterflies and bats).

Piz Mundaun

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The Piz Mundaun’s lookout platform has been restored, giving tourists a fresh vantage point over the surrounding area. At an altitude of 2,064 metres, this vantage point provides a panoramic view of the whole Alpine range. All ages, young and old alike, will be awestruck by this vista. Find mountain ranges with peaks, valleys, summits, communities, and cattle. You should not miss this the Graubünden.

Montebello Curve

The Montebello Curve is where many visitors to the Engadine get their first view of the Morteratsch Glacier. Located on the right side of the junction of the road and train tracks between Pontresina and Berninahospiz, the Bernina Range provides a breathtaking sight. The Isla Persa, a 16-square-metre ice sculpture in the Upper Engadine, stands tall and majestically above the two ice streams Pers and Morteratsch, which flow around it. There is zero melancholy. The Diavolezza is the jumping-off place for intrepid tourists who wish to venture out onto the 1.5 billion tonnes of always shifting ice. New crevasses and moulins, as well as the entrances to glacier caves, are only accessible to individuals who are familiar with Morteratsch. The trail is lined with boulders and tree trunks that the everlasting ice has deposited, telling tales of millennia past. Aratsch is the only one of the three that has gone missing so far the Graubünden.

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Legend has it that when the former herdsman returned to the valley after being abroad for some time, he discovered his beloved Annetta on her deathbed. Poor Aratsch, in an act of hopeless desperation, rode his horse up to the glacier, where he vanished without a trace. The glacier was named after him because Annetta’s ghost was restless and could be heard crying out, “Mort Aratsch, mort Aratsch!” during moonless evenings the Graubünden.

Flimserstein: Bargis – Naraus – Flims

This stunning journey takes 6 hours and fifty minutes and passes through the Flims mountain world, across the Cassongrat in the direction of Segnesboden, and finally finishes in Naraus, where you may take the chairlift down to the settlement. We take the shuttle from Flims to Laax to go to the day trip’s kickoff location. To go to Cassonsgrat from the high valley of Bargis, we’ll first cross the Flimserstein the Graubünden. The stunning Piz Dolf stands in the forefront as we go forward toward Tschingelhörner. Views of both the Upper and Lower Segnesboden may be had from the peak of La Siala the Graubünden. Large Schwemmflächen, which are glacial foreland, are distinguished by their ever-changing streams, numerous tiny lakes, and varied moorings. The Tschingelhörner and Martinsloch will be below us soon. Continue downhill through the Lower Segnesboden and you will soon reach Naraus. The Cassonsgrat rises over the left part of the picture, while Grauberg and Platt Alva can be seen on the right. Very soon, we’ll be able to fortify ourselves at the Naraus restaurant before boarding the chairlift to the valley the Graubünden.

Important things to remember while travelling to Graubünden

  • Health Insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. Without Health Insurance, you can not travel in Switzerland.  Thus, you will need to buy health insurance in Switzerland which you can do online through websites like Tiptop – Health Insurance Comparison and PrimApp – Health Insurance Comparison in Switzerland.
  • If you get confused about which health insurance to choose from as there are several insurance offers in Graubünden, you can use a  health insurance comparison tool.
  • The climate of Graubünden may be divided into two main zones. Four different seasons are typical in the lower Rhine Valley (Chur, Heidiland, etc.). Even though the Engadine experiences all four seasons, winter dominates the region. 
  • You may still see snow in May, and after a brief summer you may have sleet or freezing drizzle in August. Even if you’re going somewhere warm, like the beach, bring a sweater and a windbreaker just in case the Graubünden.


In conclusion, the Graubünden is amongst the best cantons to visit in Switzerland. Make sure to keep in mind the above five destinations along with important tips to make your trip successful the Graubünden. 

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