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Brain Training tips to Wake up the Genius in you

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The brain is the biggest strength of human existence. However we need to give it the right training to maximum utilise its potential. You can achieve anything you desire with patience, perseverance and optimal brain training.

In order to enable your mind to tackle with day to day tasks with prudence, you need to sharpen the brain abilities. So here are some tips that will help you in enhancing the brain power and evoking the genius in you to rise and shine:

  1. Be a reader:

What we lack the most in the fast paced life in these days is the moment of quietness and solidarity. We need to unplug ourselves from the external occurrences and live to relax and rewind our spirits. Nothing can give you a healthier break from your routines than a good book. Read something- you do not have to go by the academic journals or popular novels on personalities! Just reading a light hearted comic book if you like it or anything that feasts the appetite of your mind. Let yourself get swayed with the flow of words and the articulation abilities of the writer. You will realise the flow of positive energy running down your nerves when you give some quality time of your day into reading.

  1. Exercise:

Work out is a stress buster! When you feel stressed, bored and depressed- go out and work out. You will realise the results immediately and your adrenaline push will make you feel happy, revived and energetic after every session. Although work out sessions make us physically tired but they are good like nothing when it comes to mental fitness. A physically active person is usually agile and participative in social culture. When you workout you bring focus on training your core muscles and gaining strength. Therefore, workout and exercise is an important element in brain training.

  1. Listen to your favourite music:

Music is like a salutation to the soul. The cheerful music can turn a sad person into happy and vice versa. The music has a direct impact on our mind and mood. Therefore, music is inseparable part of brain training. Start your day with spiritual or gentle music to bring positivity and calmness in your mind. A happy and contented mind will radiate its positivity in all the tasks at hand all through the day. Listening to music helps in increasing the retaining power of the mind as well as improves abstract thinking. Students should listen to the classical music especially the Indian Classical music which is considered to be the most powerful music for creating invincible effects.  

  1. Meditation:
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How can we miss talking about meditation when we are telling you about brain training activities!

Meditation is to mind what food is to the body. One should inculcate meditation in day to day routine for improving the focus and concentration abilities of the mind. Meditation can open the doors to awakening of sleeping consciousness. It makes you realise the unexplored potential of your mind and creates untapped sources of positive energy. Quietness, stillness, clarity of ideas, and humbleness are some of the common traits one attains through meditation. You find yourself delivering better results at work and relationships when you imbibe these qualities through meditation.

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