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Bollywood Celebrities News: PC’s Bridal Shower in New York

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A celebrity’s life is full of paparazzi and celebrating small things in the grandest way possible. And there is no doubt, that since ages, celebrities from bollywood have been known for their extravagant lifestyles.

Be it a movie premier or birthday, wedding or baby shower, the whole thing comes down to the point of how the party was and who all were invited.

What’s the latest trend?

Gone are those days when people used to plan for their own parties. The latest trend is all about planning for someone else. And friends take pride in doing something to make their loved one feel special. PC’s friends and close ones did the same for her.

And there is no doubt that it certainly feels much nicer when someone else plans a party for you and makes you feel on top of the world. The exact thing happened in New York, where Priyanka’s close friends planned bridal shower, which would really make her feel special.

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What did they plan?

As everyone knows that soon, Priyanka is going to tie knots with Nick Jonas, her friend’s thought, ‘what better than a bridal shower party.’ They can have fun, laugh, talk about wedding anxiety that Priyanka might be going through. All in all, they wanted her to feel special and happy about the upcoming wedding.

The party took place and looking at PC’s picture which was of the time, when she was leaving her apartment for the party, it certainly seemed that she was all set to celebrate one hell of a night.

Where did it take place?

The party venue was Tiffany’s Blue Box Café and there was no doubt that Priyanka was looking every bit ravishing. The party gang consisted of close PC’s close friends. However, the party was organised by Mubina Rattonsey and Priyanka’s manager Anjula Acharia. Kelly Ripa, Lupita Nyong’o, Kevin Jonas.

What was she wearing?

Well, Priyanka looked every bit of gorgeous in a white dress and her pictures are doing rounds on the latest bollywood news platform. Earlier, while she was with her girls, Mimi who is PC’s hair stylist, posted a picture on Instagram that showed her getting ready for the party.

Many photos of Priyanka Chopra at her bridal shower have surfaced on various fan accounts but one thing remained constant, her impeccable beauty. Priyanka also shared a photo of herself getting ready for the party on her Instagram stories.

What were the special things in the party?

According to Bollywood news today, the designated DJ of the party played a lot of bollywood numbers to make sure that they don’t miss out on the desi vibe which PC must have wanted to feel. However, he must done a great job. Because everyone was seen leaving happily after the party.

There are no pictures of the inside of the party yet, but I am sure they will surface soon enough.

When are PC and Nick getting married?

Well, according to the sources there isn’t a finalized date as of now, but bollywood news today suggests that it might be in the month of December.

Om the other hand, the wedding of Deepika and Ranveer is ruling the charts of the bollywood celebrities news. And going by the dates, it certainly seems that Deepika is going to get married before PC.

But it’s strange that nothing of this sort (i.e. bridal shower parties, bachelorette etc.) is taking place in Deepika’s life, considering that she is getting married on the 14th of November.

In Conclusion:

Deepika, Priyanka, Ranveer and many other celebrities are in limelight because their wedding dates are approaching. And I am eager to see who goes for a simple wedding and who settles for an extravagant outrageous wedding affair. Whatever be it, there are going to be epic photographs for both the wedding.

Till then, keep waiting.

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