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bodHOST Review: Host Websites With Secured Dedicated Server in the USA

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A dedicated server is an entire server that is assigned to an individual or business for data, apps, and website hosting. The complete hardware setup along with all of its resources are all dedicated to the recipient including network bandwidth, storage, and memory at the company’s disposal to use as they wish.

Let us look at the main reasons that dictate why dedicated hosting is a perfect choice for your website and business.

Personalized resources

You are allocated all the resources of the server assigned to you in dedicated hosting. Since your resources are not shared with any individual, website, or business, there is no way that their activities can create a hindrance in your workflow by taking up too many resources. The cheap dedicated server hosting ensures you that no kinds of problems occurring on other websites will ever prove to be a problem for your business or website.

Complete control

The main benefit of a dedicated server is you have the ultimate say in it all. At the end of the day, with other types of hosting, your web hosting service might have had a huge say in every aspect of your server. A dedicated server offers you the flexibility to select the kind of features that benefit your business.

Simple customization

Dedicated hosting helps you alter software, applications, and other elements of your server without any problem. You can get rid of them too if you choose to. The resources you get with dedicated hosting are extremely scalable. So you can customize them to suit your changing requirements. Hence, you can maximize customization to fulfill all the needs of your website.

Security and smooth performance
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A dedicated web hosting provider is the best way to get the best uptime for your business. It offers a whole lot more scalability and reliability as compared to other types of hosting. It ensures privacy and enhances security as you are the only account on the server, so you do not have to worry about any malicious activity transpiring in other accounts on the server. Dedicated server hosting in the USA has 24/7 support to help you resolve issues in the shortest time possible and guarantee maximum uptime. 

What makes bodHOST a great dedicated hosting provider in the USA?

bodHOST is considered to be one of the best dedicated server hosting providers in the USA due to its cutting-edge technology at some of the most cost-effective prices. Their brilliant equipment and top-tier network are the perfect way to ensure smooth performance. Moreover, you can enjoy 24/7 technical support from a team of experienced experts through a number of communication mediums. 

If you encounter any issue, big or small, you can ask them for help to resolve it promptly. Their quick response time ensures that you do not encounter downtime for long. You benefit from their expertise on the subject matter as well. If you want to avail yourselves of these exciting advantages, check out the packages, features, and benefits of bodHOST in the USA.

Which packages of bodHOST USA Dedicated Servers are available?

bodHOST Review: Host Websites With Secured Dedicated Server in the USA 1

What are the outstanding features of bodHOST dedicated server in the USA?

  1. Dynamic servers

Your website will be hosted using bodHOST dedicated servers that are high-class and enterprise-level. Moreover, you will have a sturdy framework that is built using an extremely strong engineering plan. Hence, you can rest easy knowing your website is capable of smooth and dynamic performance.

  1. R1Soft Backup

Backups are usually not prioritized until disaster strikes, and then it is too late because all of your data might be damaged, or worse, irrevocably lost. R1Soft remote backups are quite simple to configure and their complete reporting station guarantees that your data copy will be at your disposal whenever the need arises.

  1. Dedicated IP

An individual IP address is assigned to your website with dedicated server hosting. The dedicated IP address is the perfect way to keep your website’s identification protected so that it does not have to face the consequences of the activities indulged in by other websites. It legitimizes your website and ensures that your visitors know that it can be trusted. It also helps your SEO ranking. bodHOST offers a dedicated IP address to ensure optimum functioning and privacy.

  1. Selection of Control panel

Server management is made much easier due to the dynamic GUI control panels that bodHOST provides such as Plesk and WHM/cPanel provide. Activities such as firewall configuration, app installations, adding mailboxes, websites and implementing safety protocols are made simpler and straightforward too.

  1. Cost-effective 

bodHOST offers amazing features at quite an economical rate for dedicated server in the USA. You can benefit greatly from the high uptime, advanced security, and maximum bandwidth. It guarantees maximum and smooth performance.


bodHOST is the perfect fully managed dedicated server in the USA for your business if you do not have the experience or the expertise to run an entire server by yourself, or if you want to save your time and focus on the core aspects of your business instead. 

On the other hand, if you have the time, expertise and experience to invest in running your own server, bodHOST’s managed dedicated server is the perfect choice for you. You can always take the help of their highly responsive support team to get any more details.

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