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Best Qualities of a Yoga Teacher You Need to Look Out For

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Everyone is hoarding in the queue to become a yoga teacher. However, not everyone wants to cultivate the skills needed to become a perfect yoga instructor. You might be thinking how is this profession different from others? To clarify that, yoga itself is quite different from the rest of the world. So, the person needed to spread yoga has to be different in every sense.

Now that does not mean you shouldn’t be human. The point is, certain traits define a perfect yoga teacher. What those qualities are? For that, read the following.

Chief Character Traits of Yoga Teacher

Exclusive Teaching Style

This is one of the most important qualities of a yoga teacher. You should have an authentic and exclusive style of teaching. So, make sure you don’t copy someone else’s style. Though inspiration can come from anywhere. However, that does not mean you copy other yoga teachers.

It also means that you are spending a lot of time preparing your lecture or class. That shows dedication on your end. Hence, you qualify as a hardworking person and eligible to teach yoga.


Are you arrogant that you have knowledge that no one else does? If yes, you are not qualified to be a yoga teacher. Rather, you need to be humble and down to earth to teach yoga. Why so? Because only a humble person can make others understand concepts of yoga again and again.

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A humble person can see why others are not able to learn yoga ideas, poses, or concepts. So, it takes a lot to be in another person’s shoes.


Are you patient enough to teach yoga to absolute beginners? Can you teach everything for god knows how many times to the simplest of practitioners? If yes, you have the qualities of a yoga teacher. Moreover, it helps you stoop to the level of different yoga practitioners.

You have to understand that there is no good in teaching yoga if yoga learners are not understanding anything. So, you need to cultivate the habit of being patient while practicing yoga so that you can be of more help to yoga practitioners.

Avid Learner

One who thinks he/she knows everything is doomed to degrade over time. So, to keep growing, you need to keep learning. That way, you are keeping the fire within you alive. Hence, you are always updating your knowledge.

So, make sure you always find time to learn something new every day despite being a yoga teacher. Therefore, you get to know what are new things in the yoga world that are important for you or your students.

Good Orator

You need to have good communication skills to relate to yoga practitioners. More than that, you must be good at orating your lecture. Make sure your voice is clear enough to be understood by your students.

Also, a good yoga teacher knows what sort of vocabulary can be used. Hence, he or she can talk in a way that is easy to grasp.


Encouraging yoga practitioners is one of the finest qualities of a yoga teacher. Also, building confidence in the students is a duty of a yoga teacher. So, if you want to join a yoga school, make sure your yoga teacher is supportive of the goal you have.

This way, you can connect with your yoga instructor on a deeper level. You can resonate with your yoga teacher. It also helps your teacher to adapt your perspective.


Does your yoga teacher always feel he or she is always right? That means he is arrogant and egoistic. So, choose a yoga teacher who is ready to adopt a new or different approach to teach yoga. This way, you don’t feel stuck while practicing yoga.

Moreover, make sure your yoga teacher has the Yoga Alliance certification. It makes sure that your teacher is eligible to teach yoga or not.

Summing Up

Practicing yoga teaches you to be humble, kind, and cheerful. Make sure you are a radiant soul while teaching yoga to others. While looking for a yoga teacher, look for these qualities to end up practicing yoga with the right person. In turn, you practice yoga with utter ease and comfort.

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