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BEST BODY FITNESS Who does not want to look good in this glamorous world? However, it is said that when in Rome, do as the Romans do; in the era full of physique conscious people, one gets automatically inclined towards maintaining his outlook aesthetically. If you are unhappy about your body framework, it might lead you to have poor self-esteem coupled with a tarnished self-confidence. Well, there are many ways to get your body in the desired shape like exercise, diet or taking supplements but, the world has evolved much and has become out-and-out fast-paced where everyone is hunting for shortcuts. In this case, cosmetic surgeries serve as the gateway towards instant and reliable physical fitness. Undergoing a cosmetic procedure can be a life-changing experience and also can snowball your self-esteem as well as a considerable hike in your cultural acceptance.

You should just keep in mind the important fact that your job doesn’t end after going through surgery and you need to pull your socks up for further challenges. No can stop ageing; as you age your skin and body begins to lose its quality. However, you need to acknowledge that whatever surgery you go through, you must have to work hard afterward, in order to maintain and enhance the efficacy of the results. You must follow the proper body fitness guidelines after each surgery, let’s discuss some of them.

   Follow-Up Appointments

Ø  Follow-up appointments are very necessary to have since they allow you to keep the healing process in the track.

Ø  Sometimes, right after undergoing any procedure, the occurrence of any side-effect might become a dilemma for you e.g. the candidates after going through a Liposuction in Dubai, might feel skin spots due to the cannula in the targeted areas. In this case, you should not hesitate in consulting a dermatologist or your doctor to get it cured. 

Ø  Similarly, a tummy tuck can produce asymmetrical results, and your body might appear more distorted than before. You can get this issue resolved if you keep in touch with your surgeon.

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Ø  Various other complications like bleeding from incision sites, extrusion of stitches or any sort of allergies could be experienced, and these problems can cause sizeable damage to your body appearance. You should never wait for the climax, instead, just visit the doctor immediately. In fact, “listen to your body”. 

B.      Exercise

Ø  It is an open secret that you have to exercise after the surgical process ends, but the point of concern is “exactly when?” Well, the right time to exercise comes after having sufficient rest post-procedure. The recovery period is very crucial, as it does the internal healing and if your bruises or treated areas do not get settled properly, then exercise can be hazardous.

Ø  The exercise should be kicked off slowly. After you are out of the recovery zone, start with a mild walk, do not begin weight lifting or jogging vigorously, it could be harmful. However, there are certain procedures which demand specific exercises instantly after the surgery. Like, the patients who undergo facelift surgery in Dubai, are guided to perform specific facial movements. Even in case of arm lift, candidates are asked to perform various movements for a quicker recovery.

Ø  Just “listen to your body”: even after you get physically perfect post-surgery, you might experience pain, discomfort or any internal bruising while exercising. In this case, immediately halt the exercise if you feel any harmful or painful activity in the body.

Ø  Moreover, you cannot follow the same exercise pattern for everysurgery, therefore, it is recommended to begin the exercise under professional supervision.

Ø  Candidates who undergo breast augmentation in Dubai or breast uplift, should not perform any upper body exercise like pull-ups, weight lift or roping, etc. Cardio activities must also not be done. Through this, you will be able to achieve the desired results.BEST BODY FITNESS

Ø  People who go for facelift surgery in Dubai, or any other facial procedure like blepharoplasty or lip reduction, should not perform vigorous exercises which could increase the blood flow in the face. In this case, you can perform light exercises like yoga, aerobics, mild walk or mandatory exercises guided by the doctor.

Ø  More invasive procedures like tummy tuck require reasonably more time to get recovered and likewise, you have to take extra care while exercising. Since abdominal muscles play a large part in the overall movement of the body, so you must not do vigorous upper body exercises like weight lifting, cardio activities, and jogging, etc. Light stretching and walk will suffice.BEST BODY FITNESS

C.      Compression Garments

Ø  Swelling is inevitable to have after any kind of surgery. However, to get it settled more swiftly and conveniently your plastic surgeon will recommend you a particular compression garment for each procedure type.

Ø  Body contouring procedures cause most swelling, people who undergo liposuction in Dubai, are recommended to wear a compression garment.

Ø  Women should wear a surgical bra to maintain the muscle fitness of the breasts after any breast surgery.

Ø  Even after labiaplasty and thigh lift, you should wear compression undergarments for a speedy recovery.

Ø  Compression garments maintain your blood circulation and reduce the risk of blood clot formation. Moreover, it maintains your body structure modified by the surgery.BEST BODY FITNESS

D.     Diet Plan

Ø  You must follow a proper diet plan by consulting a nutritionist.BEST BODY FITNESS

Ø  Some food might not be good for your internal healing, for example, oily food can increase cholesterol level, which eventually might produce various complications.

Ø  Also, develop and maintain your eating routine and do not miss any meal to keep your body fit.BEST BODY FITNESS

E.      Skin Care

Ø  Skin is the most sensitive and large organ of your body.

Ø  Its health is as important as the body’s health. However, most of the surgical procedures like a tummy tuck, neck lift, otoplasty, and scar revision, tighten up your skin or rejuvenate its appearance. The sustainability of results depends upon how much you care afterward.

Ø  You should apply topical ointments if recommended by your doctor.

Ø  You should use ice packs and compresses to reduce bruising and swelling, as these both do not subside quickly.BEST BODY FITNESS

Ø  Eat healthily and stay hydrated.BEST BODY FITNESS

Ø  Apply sunblock before going out and protect your skin from direct exposure of the sunrays.

Ø  Avoid excessive exposure of incisions to heat, cold and wind otherwise, they would become dray and can worsen.

Ø  Do not apply makeup after the procedure for some time.BEST BODY FITNESS

F.       Other Instructions

Ø  Do not smoke, as it can cause various problems internally.

Ø  Avoid alcohol consumption even after the surgery, as it not only disturbs the internal bruising but also can hinder the recovery process. BEST BODY FITNESS

Ø  Do not wear contact lenses if you have undergone eyelid surgery.

Ø  Do not wear glasses if you have gone through a rhinoplasty.BEST BODY FITNESS

Ø  Follow all the necessary instructions of your plastic surgeon to remain healthy.

Well, it does not matter what surgery you go through, you have to gather enough motivation to keep your body fit and healthy. Note that, whatever steps you take; they must be brought into your doctor’s consideration. Follow all the above stated guidelines and enjoy the magical outcomes of the modern procedures.BEST BODY FITNESS

Author’s Bio:

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The author is a profound wordsmith, phenomenal orator and is also a veteran in Nursing who has worked with various aesthetic clinics for a period of whopping 20 years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Moreover, he has been a distinguished member of a number of health care seminars and fitness clubs.BEST BODY FITNESS

However, if you want to opt for a Facelift in Dubai, or experiencing any sort of health-related dilemmas, then you have leaped on the correct venue. Do not hesitate to contact for the sincere guidance and skillful commendation. BEST BODY FITNESS

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