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Best 5 Yoga Poses For Fat Burn

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Are you gaining fat? Do you want to gain a lean, toned, and muscular physique? You have come to the right place. There is no need to lift heavy weights or run miles to lose fat. All you need is your body weight and a yoga mat. You guessed it right! Yoga practice is going to be a perfect companion to lose stubborn fat and gain lean muscles.

Here are the best yoga poses for fat burn that you can practice every day. Keep reading.

Top 5 Poses of Yoga For Fat Loss

Downward Dog

Start with standing on your feet. Gently bend forward and shift your weight on your palms and feet. Raise your hips towards the ceiling. Stretch your shoulder by pushing your hips much further and keep your legs straight.

It targets fat on your legs, arms, and abdominal area. Thus, you can practice the downward dog pose to lose fat from different parts of your body.

Cobra Pose

Lie on the ground on your stomach and align your palms under your shoulders. Keep your feet extended to the back. Push your hands in the ground to lift your upper body. Make sure that your lower body is not lifting.

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It is a perfect pose of yoga for overweight beginners to increase their arm strength. Thus, you can practice this pose to stretch your gut, lower back, and chest. Over time, you can progress by increasing the time of practicing the cobra pose.

Shoulder Stand

Want to have a strong core and flexible hamstrings? Give a try to the shoulder stand. When you lift your legs in the air, you work on your core muscles. Not just core, it also improves the flexibility of your legs.

You also learn to balance your body in the air. Moreover, it increases the strength of your shoulders and neck. Hence, you get a strong upper body along with a flexible lower body. It also improves your overall posture that helps in shedding extra fat from your body frame.

Bow Pose

When it comes to burning fat and increasing the flexibility of your spine, the bow pose is a perfect option for you. It opens up your chest, abdominal area, and stiff shoulders. Further, practicing the bow pose massages your intestines and lower abdomen.

When you pull your legs with your hands, it works on the mobility of your shoulders. Hence, the range of motion of your shoulders increases with regular practice of the bow pose.

Plank Pose

It is one of the most effective yoga poses for fat burn. All you need to do is balance your body over your elbows and feet. In case you want to decrease the intensity, you can start by shifting your weight on your palms.
It works on your core, back, arms, and legs muscles. Thus, it works on your whole body. You can practice the plank pose to improve your core strength.

Wrap Up

Yoga practice is an effective way to lose weight, burn fat, and gain muscle at the same time. Moreover, it is much easier to practice yoga than lifting heavy weights or running for long distances. Thus, it is a perfect choice for overweight beginners who want to lose weight without getting injured.

When you practice yoga diligently, you become healthy, fit, flexible, strong, and live a perfect life.

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