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Area Lighting: Meaning, Need and Benefits

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Lighting is one of the most important architectural aspects of all the commercial as well as residential spaces. In fact, the leading commercial lighting manufacturers claim that lighting is an all-purpose solution that is highly useful in several places and for several reasons.

While indoor lighting solutions ensure the development of a soothing, comforting and productive environment in the workspace, outdoor lighting solutions improve the visibility and safety outside the building and commercial spaces. Area lighting is one such type of outdoor lighting solution that is primarily used for illuminating specific or large spaces like manufacturing plants, parking lots, etc.

What is the need of area lighting?   

Area lighting is majorly used for beautifying the city infrastructure, facades and aesthetics of hotels, complexes, etc. It is also used for illuminating large public spaces uniformly. According to the top industrial lighting manufacturers, powerful lighting appliances like Floodlights are installed in large open spaces in order to enhance the visibility and improve the aesthetics of the area.

For instance, parking lots are one of the most prevalent application areas of area lighting. As per lighting experts, parking lots are large public spaces that experience heavy manoeuvrability of cars and people throughout the day, and hence, require powerful light sources for illuminating the area uniformly. This is also an important preventive measure that safeguards people from accidents, crashes or any other kind of mishap. Moreover, a properly lit parking lot also keeps car thieves and robbers away from the property.

Airports, shipyards, warehouses, etc. are some other areas that require appropriate area lighting solutions. Fortunately, a range of outdoor LED floodlights from Wipro Lighting can perform the task efficiently. They not only deliver high-quality illumination but are also compact and blend comprehensively well with the urban architecture.

What are the benefits of LED area Lighting?

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Floodlights are powerful lighting appliances that traditionally used a substantial amount of electricity to operate. However, the leading LED lighting manufacturers have made the best use of LED technology to develop LED floodlights that perform optimally well while comprehending energy and cost efficiencies. LED floodlights are reliable, functional, durable, and highly efficient and allow the buyers to save money in the long run. They are typically available in two options, i.e. wide beam and narrow beam distribution, and assist in the development of a distinctive atmosphere. For instance, Alpha floodlight LED and REVO floodlight LED by Wipro Lighting are some of the best lighting appliances for illuminating public spaces, architectural structures and landmarks.

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