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An Unforgettable Visit to Ohrid, Macedonia

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The largest city on the Lake in North Macedonia, Ohrid, has ample beautiful sites to offer. The warm weather with crystal clear blue water lake Ohrid is an absolute treat. This is one of the major hotspots for travelers in the summertime. Though summer is not the only reason that attracts visitors to the city of Ohrid, the city has many amazing spots in its pocket. Travelers will get an experience of a lifetime while visiting the city as this place is truly unforgettable. 

This city on Lake is the perfect summer getaway to spend a week sipping martinis under the bright sun near the Lake and good food, a package full of relaxation and rejuvenation. The town has a lot to offer apart from Lake and boating. From Beautiful churches to wandering around the Old Town of Ohrid, from Sipping Chilled mojitos to Enjoying hot delicious food at local pubs, from walks along cliffs to visiting Fortress overlooking the city, this town has plenty to give. Book your flights, get the best deal with Spirit Airlines Reservations, and travel to North Macedonia for the perfect summer vacation. 

Traveling to Ohrid? here are some best place to visit

  • Church of St.John at Kaneo

The most iconic place to visit in Ohrid is St.John. The place located on a cliff surrounded by mountains and overlooking the Lake is the best scenic view one can experience while in Ohrid. You can take the road to uphill reach by walking along Lake Ohrid’s shores to the Church. Even the entry into the Church is prohibited, but the views you get are to die for. The beauty of that place is undeniably breathtaking. It is a place that can be captured for your year’s postcard. 

  • The Ancient Theatre of Ohrid

Ohrid’s Old Town is full of Hotels and delusional streets where you can find Ohrid’s Ancient Theatre. This theatre is the home for gladiator fight performances; however, Romans and Christians were used for executions apart from entertainment purposes. But due to the execution, the place was abandoned and disliked by people. But after the place was discovered in the 1980s, it became a heritage still to this day. The theatre is free to visit at any time of the day or week, and it’s open for all. 

  • The Old Bazaar
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Shops, small eateries, and many ice cream places, starting from the main street of the city and ending at the waterfront, the Old Bazaar is one of the trendiest and overcrowded places in Ohrid. Every shopper stops; even if you don’t feel like shopping, people visit here to eat and explore the city’s market culture. Few mosques are situated around the Old Bazaar, so grab an ice cream and stroll because this is hard to miss. It is a one-stop for the visitors looking for Souvenir or Ohrid’sOhrid’s pearls; this place has everything.

  • Labino Beach

Labino Beach is not a standard tourist hotspot but highly recommended. The best way to reach is by hiking along the cliff of Ohrid, a little further on the way to Church of St.John at Kaneo. Many stops at the St.John, but going a little far to this stranded beech is an extra treat. This place is perfect if you are looking for someplace quiet and less crowded. Need to carry a few snacks while visiting here because you will not find any restaurants, but this is what makes it an ideal place for a picnic with a fantastic view. 

  • A Day Trip to St.Nuam

Do you have a day left with you? I need to get away on a small day trip to St.Naum. The St.Naum’sSt.Naum’s monastery is situated on the other side of the Lake. Get a boat to reach your destination, but check the weather before leaving if you have no plans to get stuck in the Lake! This place is one of the famous tourist spots in Ohrid. 

  • Boardwalk at Potpesh Beach

Ohrid city has quite a few beautiful beaches, varying from one another by individually defining their beauty differently. Some of the concrete, some of the pebbled stone they all are different but alike. But one beach you don’t want to miss is while your visit to Ohrid is Potpesh Beach. The beach is just a short walk away from the waterfront crowded with restaurants, one can enjoy the boardwalk till the beach and the best way to enjoy Ohrid’s alluring beauty.

  • Church of St.Sophia

Surrounded by restaurants, the Church of St.Sophia is located right in the Old Town Ohrid’sOhrid’s heart. Filled with the most delicate Frescoes from the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries, The Church converted once into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire. The country’s most valued monument, the place offers you a beautiful garden to walk through and enjoy the beauty by sipping a coffee at a nearby place. 

  • Old Town Vibe

Ohrid has amazing spots astonishingly beautiful to adore, but not to miss out on strolling around the Old Town. It is a beautiful place with authenticity, where you can find narrow alleys, small roads, stone houses, beautiful house decors, and an overlooking lake Ohrid. The streets of Old Town will take you to the finest places around the town, from cafes to restaurants, from shops to beaches. 

For unforgettable scenic views and peaceful summertime at the beach, vacation to North Macedonia’sMacedonia’s Ohrid with Delta Airlines Reservations will give you the perfect traveling experience to enjoy, relax and rejuvenate.

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