UAE market is the hub for every type of business and its population comprises of mix nationals around the world. The majority in UAE is of expatriates and in this article you will get complete guide about how to buy a home in UAE by expats. Living in UAE is not that much cheaper as it was in last two decades. Now days the major expense is of renting for expatriates and this lead many to own a property rather than renting an apartment.

According to different reports it is recorded that expats are bit reluctant in buying a property due to several factors. This includes job security, low payouts and visa residency problems.


According to experts, to live in Dubai 40 percent of your income goes in paying a rent for home. On rough average in Dubai one bedroom cost around DH40, 000 to DH90, 000 per year depends which area you are living. If you calculate the amount you are paying monthly on your rent it gives higher amount as per giving an installment for your house. The facility from banks has made this an easy step to get loans and home mortgage are in available at low interest rates. These factors make you to take a bold step and buy your own property. At the end of these monthly payments you will be the owner of the house.


In UAE expatriates can buy any property which is in freehold areas and they can own villas, townhouses and apartments. It might sound you bit hard to purchase a land in Dubai but with great efforts by legislating bodies has made this cripple step easier and time saving for expats as well. There are no hidden loops or hoops to jump through to buy a property in UAE. Investing in UAE is profitable business for foreigners.


It is an essential factor to make it clear in your mind before investing. As you peruse in market it’s very necessary to get clear that you are buying to live or from investment point of view. For example one bedroom is more beneficial from owning a villa. Though it is tempting to be the owner of villa in UAE but investing in apartment is a wise decision.


In Abu Dhabi first step is to entitle the property under your name and sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between you and the seller. Then you need to pay 2 % of the property value to the real estate agent which is their service fees and next you will pay 2% to Abu Dhabi Municipality that is for transferring the property to you.  After that you will receive the ownership of the property and DH 5, 000 is to be paid for administrative fees to the developer.


To buy property in Dubai is a different procedure as compared to Abu Dhabi. You still have to pay that 2% of the property value to the real estate as their service. In Dubai these property buying and selling comes under the Dubai Land Department (DLD). Buyer and seller both need to pay DLD fees transfer 2 % each side. Next to pay DH 250 as issuance fees for title deed.

A DLD registration fee is DH 4, 000 and to be paid in order to complete the registration of the property with DLD for those whose real estate price is DH 500, 000 or exceeding it. On the other hand properties less than Dh 500, 000 the registration fees is Dh 2, 000. Those who have acquired mortgage they need to pay fees to DLD for mortgage registration with them which is calculated from the amount which is registered as loan at 0.25 percent.

So make a wise decision before stepping in to any final step.

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