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All You Need To Grasp About The Development Of The WhatsApp Alternative

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All You Need To Grasp About The Development Of The WhatsApp Alternative 1

Hi! This blog will definitely seize your interest as we will be looking at developing an alternative to WhatsApp. It has been more than a month since WhatsApp announced its privacy policy changes, yet this news is ruling on the internet. Though WhatsApp has stalled the updation of privacy policies, people are still not convinced to use the app and have already started heading to alternative messaging apps.

It is a golden opportunity for businesses to turn this situation in their favor by developing a similar instant messaging app to WhatsApp. So, how to develop a messaging app that has the heart of every user? For that, we have to analyze how WhatsApp has been keeping its users glued.

Success Story Of WhatsApp – Every Feature Of The App Matters! 

No matter the number of instant messaging apps sprout, WhatsApp will be the all-time favorite for users. There are so many reasons to justify the attractiveness of the app. Let me unveil them one by one.


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Don’t you get annoyed when an ad pops up while making an interesting conversation with a friend? Not only in messaging apps, but we also don’t want ads to turn up in any of the social media apps. WhatsApp doesn’t showcase any ads, which is one of the significant reasons users prefer it.

No usage fees

If you were using WhatsApp around the year 2012, you would have come across the usage fees. During that time, WhatsApp listed that it would cost an annual fee for usage. But soon, it bailed out the subscription and offered free use. So, the “ no usage fee” is also one of the reasons for WhatsApp’s hit. Agreeing with the fact that people never mind paying a subscription for an app that is of high quality, but the motto is, “messenger app for all.”

Availability status

The idea of introducing the last seen feature arose when Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp, was pissed off with the number of missed calls when he was at the gym. So he decided to build an app that shows the availability of a person to their contacts. This incident led to the last seen and status features.

Compulsion to use

Everywhere we hear people saying, “WhatsApp me.” Almost most of the population across the globe are compelled to use WhatsApp because it has become a convenient mode of communication, and most of us can afford it. 

Educational institutions, corporate organizations, businesses, etc., rely on WhatsApp as the primary communication channel. While this being the case, it is not exaggerating to say that people are influenced by society.

All-in-one app

Users can opt for any communication mode through the app, like messaging, video calling, and voice calling. Of course, many apps offer video calling and voice calling facilities, but nothing can beat the quality of WhatsApp call. Agree?

Idolizing WhatsApp and its features, many app developers are developing WhatsApp clones giving prominence to the list of features. Let us take a visit to those features in the below content section.

Prominent Features Of The WhatsApp Alternative

Status and story

The status and story are two of the irresistible features of the app. Users can upload their stories that are valid for upto 24 hrs. Other than the status, users can add a short description in the about section.

Media transmission

The app is no restriction to allow media transmission. Users are free to send and receive media. Other than media sharing, users can share their locations, which comprises both live and current locations.

Emojis, sticker, and GIFs

Users love sending out emojis, GIFs, and stickers more than plain texts. To add more fun to the conversation, users can splash the message with emojis, stickers, and GIFs.

Voice and video calls

Your messaging app will be boring without the video and voice calling feature. To ease the conversation of users, the app supports high-quality calls which are also back-to-back encrypted.

Block users

Many of us would have experienced the annoyance of getting anonymous messages. Block them right away using the app’s block feature.

Broadcast message

Users can broadcast messages and them to multiple contacts just in a few taps. 

Group chat

Isn’t it more interesting to chat with more friends all at the same time? The app’s group chat feature lets users create a group, name it, and add participants. The admin of the group chat can decide to add or remove persons from the group.

Chat back up

Who would love to lose their interesting chats? No, right? The chat backup will restore all the messages without missing any of them.

That is a whole lot of information about the WhatsApp alternative! The competition for this app is already full-fledged. Yet you can seize the opportunity to top the competition by developing the WhatsApp clone. All the best for your venture!

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I work in a leading taxi app development company AppDupe located in the US. We are mainly into the cloning of mobile apps and this area has intrigued my interest to explore it further.

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