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All About Prabalmachi Trek

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Overview: If you are looking to explore nature then Prabalmachi trek is what offers you. And what it provides you with is the freshly air and lush green meadows which will unfold all the experiences of yours. You will get to see the fireflies at night which will be more enlightening for you. It is located near Navi Mumbai. Prabalmachi originated with green grasslands, beautiful hills and rocky cliffs. You get to see various sights of Prabalgad and Kalavantin forts. Prabalgad which is 766 meters is located over the peak of the highest mountain and it offers a stunning view. Kalavantin which is 500 meters is known to be a watch tower that is near the Prabalgad fort. The highness of this trek lies when rock cuts in a zig zag and offers a panoramic view to you. The village of thakurwadi is what you will explore in your trek and will get to see the real beauty of flora and fauna. 

Now Prabalmachi trek is not that difficult. It takes 2.5 hours to trek from village Thakurwadi and the duration required to complete this trek is 1 day and 1 night. 

Prabalmachi Trek Details:

Altitude- 1500 feet above sea level 

Trek level- Easy – 2 hrs ascend and 2 hrs descend

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 Location- 20 kms from Panvel 

Base camp- Thakurwadi 

Best time to visit- Monsoon and winters

Duration- 1 day trek 


Day 01- Panvel to Thakurwadi to Prabalmachi 

You have to start your trekking from Thakurwadi village located in Palghar district of Maharashtra. Then prepare yourself to go for this amazing Prabalmachi fireflies trek. Prabalmachi village is located among the beautiful hills of old Mumbai pune highway. It offers you to see the forts of Prabalgad and Kalavantin and you get to see the scenic outskirts of Panvel. Enjoy the location, the weather and nature which will ponder your heart. And at night capture the utmost beauty of fireflies with your cameras and enjoy the view near the campsite. 

Day 02- Prabalmachi to Thakurwadi to Panvel 

On this day you can return towards Thakurwadi after having a beautiful insight of Prabalmachi village. Once again you see the beautiful hills around Prabalmachi and capture in your heart and return home with wonderful memories of Prabalmachi trek. 

What you can look out for:

  • A vertical stairway that leads you to the top is what is the major highlight of this trek. It provides one an amazing thrill to climb and at the top the view is jaw dropping. If you are afraid of heights you may have challenges so be careful. 
  • The Prabalmachi plateau is amazing to look for where on your left there stands – the triangle looking Kalavantin and on the right side Prabalgad fort. 
  • The climb to Prabalgad will soak you to its beauty with its dense forest and the rich history. 
Things to take with:

You will have to require some items before going to Prabalmachi trek which are- carry ⅔ litres of water with you which will keep you hydrated for the whole trekking. For trekking you must wear trekking shoes as it is more comfortable and provides you more grip. Energy bars which will keep you energised. Sunscreen and sun cap. Prescribed medicines in case you develop any sickness. Torch with full battery. Also don’t forget to wear full sleeves clothes to protect yourself from insects. 

Best time to visit:

Prabalmachi trek would be June to August in the rain. Also you can visit in November till March in winters. Summer would not be a great time as it is very hot there and you will not enjoy much because of the sweat while trekking to Prabalmachi. 

At Prabalmachi village you can easily find various places to stay for camping. Don’t forget to carry your own sleeping bags and soaps and sanitisers as these facilities are not available there. 

Some highlights for the trek:

Scaling at the peak of Maharashtra

Seeing the fireflies at night 

Bonfire at night with the turning of songs to feel the nature 


Beautiful landscapes which will surely gonna mesmerize you 

Explore one of the steepest pinnacles

Charming views of several mountains across hills

Lush green grasslands and blissful environment 

So get ready to explore the beauty of nature in this wonderful Prabalmachi trek.

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