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Air Conditioner – An Innovative Invention Of Modern Technology

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An air conditioner (AC) is an electronic machine which removes the heat and moisture from the inner part of any residence to improve the comfort level of the inhabitants. An air conditioner can be utilized for both commercial or residential purpose. The process of air conditioning is commonly used to achieve a comfortable environment inside the house or any other place, mostly for humans and animals. Moreover, an air conditioner is also used to increase the cooling level and remove the humidity of the rooms consists of powerful heat producing electrics devices, like powerful amplifiers, any computer server room. The air conditioner is also used for storing delicate products, foods, fish, and many more. 

A fan is attached with the air conditioners, which distribute the cold air to the occupied area of any residential place or car to improve the air quality and enhance the thermal comfort. The range of air conditioner starts from a small unit which can cool the temperature of a little room to a large contingent that is installed in the top roof of an office or building and can cool the entires area. A total refrigeration cycle is the leading technical process for achieving the cooling room. In an air conditioner, Feron is the most commonly used gas which is used for dehumidifying the interior part of the room. So, AC gas filling is essential for every air conditioner.

The Working Cycle Of The Air Conditioner

An air conditioner collects all the hot air inside the room and processes the hot air for making it cool and then release the cold air in the indoor part of the room. In the previous days only window AC is available, but nowadays various new technology-based AC has been introduced. Five components do the working functionalities in the AC. Those are evaporator, compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and refrigerant.

●   Evaporator

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An evaporator is mainly a heat exchanger coil that collects all the hot air of the room by a refrigerant gas. This part is called evaporator, which evaporates the room heat in the form of vapor.

●   Refrigerant

Refrigerant works with the evaporator for absorbing the hot from the room. There are some refrigerant gases which are used in an AC. Those are HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons), HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons) and Hydrocarbons. These gases are a crucial part of an air conditioner, so the gas filling in AC is mandatory after a few months.

●   Compressor

This part of the air conditioner is placed outside the house, and it compresses the gaseous refrigerant. This is the functionality of a compressor.

●   Condensor

A condenser takes all the vaporized refrigerant from the compressor, converts it as a liquid form, and eject the heat outside in the air.

●   Expansion Valve

This component of an air conditioner is also known as a throttling device. The expansion valve is placed between the chilled coil of the evaporator and hot coil of the condenser.

All these components and its position are for split AC. For a window air conditioner, all the parts are placed in the small metal box.

Different Types Of Air Conditioner

There are various types of air conditioner available in the market. What kind of air conditioner you should purchase is depending upon some factors. Those are – how big the place is to be, how many people are there in that place, what is the heat absorbing capacity of that place.

●   Split Air Conditioner

There is two part of a split air conditioner. One is placed in the inside of the room, and the other part is located at the outside of the room. The outside part of the air conditioner is combined with the condenser, compressor, and expansion valve. The inside part of the air conditioner is combined with an evaporator, cooling fan and cooling coil. The AC gas filling charges are depending upon the size of the AC. It is near about 2000 rupees for 1-ton air conditioner.

●   Packaged Air Conditioner

An HVAC (Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioner) designer will recommend this type of AC if you use this for more than two rooms or a vast area like the total area of the house or any office. In a packaged air conditioner, all the components are placed in a single metal box. The large capacity blower discharges the chilled air, and it flows through the channel and spread in the rooms.

Different Characteristics Of An Air Conditioner

If you have a plan to purchase an air conditioner, then you need to consider a few things about an air conditioner. Some features of an air conditioner are vital for every AC machine. Those are –

●   Thermostats

This feature controls the cooling temperature of the room.

●   Fan Speed Adjustable Part

Adjustable fan speed is essential for an air conditioner. It adjusts the speed of the fan and set in which rate the place should be cooling down.

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