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Aggregates used for Construction Work

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Are you getting confused while selecting the sand or aggregate? Are you constructing your home to live in it? If you want to spend your whole life in the home which you are constructing then you must have a home with good quality material. It can be costly once but it will be good for the future. 

Aggregates used for Construction Work 1

So you have to read the article to know about such material which helps in constructing a building, dams, etc. 

Construction Aggregate

construction aggregates The materials are mixed up into cementitious mixtures which help in the improvement of the cementitious mixtures. If we talk about concrete then in this there is used fine and coarse construction aggregate. The aggregate word conveys to the material which is used in the construction. In the project of construction, it is one of the most essential parts. This is used for both commercial and domestic purposes. Do you know? From where does it come? So it comes from either some seas and materials like sand, crushed stone, etc. 

Types of aggregate

  1. Fine Aggregate:

According to the term ‘fine’, it is fine in real also. It is the finest particle. It is one of the kinds of construction aggregate which consist of natural sand. It is one of the smallest crushed particles which is 1/4th of a crushed stone. It will help you a lot in concrete. 

See the chart below to get the size of types of fine aggregate. Here are the mentioned 5 types of fine aggregate. 

Types Size
Coarse Sand (2mm – 0.5mm)
Medium Sand (0.5mm – 0.25mm)
Fine sand (0.25mm – 0.06mm)
Silt (0.06mm – 0.002mm)
Clay ( <0.002mm)
  1. Coarse Aggregate
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Coarse aggregates are thicker than fine aggregates. Do you know? From where does it come or produce? You should know that it is obtained by the blasting of stone quarries. It can also get from the breaking or crushing of stone. You can crush or break it by crushers or hand. If you break it then it will be divided into many parts. Try to use crushers rather than hand. Choose the size according to your requirements. If you need more graded then you can crush it again on the crushers. 

See the chart below to get the size of types of coarse aggregate. Here are mentioned 5 types of coarse aggregate. 

Types Size
Fine Gravel (4mm – 8mm)
Medium Gravel (8mm – 16mm)
Coarse Gravel (16mm – 64mm)
Cobbles (64mm – 256mm)
Boulders ( <256mm)

Robo Sand For Construction

robo sand for construction The material which we get from the crushing of a stone is termed as Robo Sand. It is an alternative to the river sand. River sand is something that comes from the bank of the river. So the river is disappearing day to day so the demand for the Robo sand is increasing. 

Aggregates used for Construction Work 2

Advantages of Robo Sand

  • It is pure. You will find tending to zero impurities
  • You will not get over-sized pebbles or stones
  • There is zero slit content
  • It is cheaper than river sand 
  • It is an environmental hazard to extract sand from river or sea beds
  • Higher weights with lower permeability
  • It has higher strength and greater durability
  • It can be available easily and it can help in any type of construction building, dams, etc
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