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A Comprehensive Guide to Conducting Thorough Research

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After months of hard work and spending your blood, sweat and tears on a ten-page research document, the last thing you want is for someone to poke holes in it. However, it is inevitable if you missed out on a crucial point that could potentially change the entire course of the research. The only way to keep this from happening is to conduct the most thorough research possible. You have to look at every angle and every corner. You must not disregard any opposing points of view, and most importantly, you must address every argument in your paper. 

This might sound a bit intimidating, but you can crack the code to conduct exceptional research with this guide or there are assignment writers who offer writing online. Here’s what to do.

Develop Your Topic Carefully 

You need a topic. But the secret to a good research paper is a well thought out topic. Don’t just pick out the first thing you see on the internet. Do some preliminary research and see what interests you the most. Also, consider the number of pages you need to write and see how we’re living in very uncertain times because of the pandemic. Make sure that the research is doable. Nobody expects you to put your life in harm’s way for a paper. 

Gather Information

Now that you have your topic start looking for information. If you’re conducting interviews, this is your time to start reaching out to participants. Try talking to as many people as possible because you’ll only end up getting about half of those interviews. For secondary research, identify your topic’s key themes and look at articles, journals, and eBooks. Highlight the main arguments and keep them aside for evaluation – which is the next step. 

Analyze and Evaluate

Keeping in mind the tiniest details and ideas, evaluate the information you collected. Relate your primary research to your secondary research. Note the most common themes popping up in the transcripts, then compare and contrast the main arguments. When using pre-published literature, make sure they’re authentic. This way, you’ll have credible evidence to present when someone tries to challenge your work. 

Organize and Write

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Once you have your analysis down, it’s finally time to put those thoughts on paper. Organize your paper by creating a roadmap of sections and decide what to include in them. Now list your arguments and supporting evidence according to their importance. You can borrow another author’s work to give more credibility to our ideas, but make sure you give them the credit they deserve. 

Cite your Sources

Like it was said earlier, give your sources the credit that’s theirs. If you’re using somebody else’s work to support your own, you need to include citations in your work. Forgetting to do that is not an option. In fact, it’s unethical and illegal. Suppose you’re paraphrasing their idea or taking a direct quote. In that case, it should be followed with an in-text citation, which, depending on the citation style you’re using, mostly includes the author’s last name and the year of publication. You’ll again cite them in your bibliography at the end of your paper. Another way to maintain your grades if you cannot afford to conduct thorough research is to hire a cheap essays writing service available in the US.

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