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Reason Of Fail On Sex With New Girlfriend

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8 Reason Of Fail On Sex With New Girlfriend: In teenage time or in adult time there is new girlfriend make it is happening but after get old relationship couple wants to intimate with each other.  There are many men who get a failure with women while newly dating relationship There is a perfect boyfriend called that who want their girlfriend his future wife. You will most of the time boyfriend completely flexible or avoidable. Do not overwhelm to think about what reason to get fail that you can’t get what you want

List of reason when girlfriend  feeling not comfortable:



There are many men can do simply mistake which is show interest in a woman is to allow your interest to rise and fall which are completely dependency over on how your girlfriend treats you, As she’s like as a person and you can decide that you like or not like in a girlfriend. Many boyfriends doing this mistake of showing 100% attraction interest to a woman just start.

It is completely okay to 100% attracted to your girlfriend before she gives to grab your attention as well. Impress to her with 100% loving interest with you not just not for the intimate with here before go to relationship earn trust. Also, keep that promise remember.


Most of the men are feeling a lack of confidence when in a relationship with a new girlfriend however if she first girlfriend or after a breakup or divorce, men get feel bad with notable confidence. You need to simply give time and change your think about your way.

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Talk with your girlfriend about life, personal life, share secret feel her like you are in deep heart touching not intention to get horny and leave girl friend.  There is one more reason for lack of confidence about he can feel guilt from his previous bad relationship, men think if this new girlfriend also runs away then he can feel alone again be a talk like confidence and for first intimate want giver her flirty signal about that.


When men and women get in a relationship many men first think if he said about intimate then she can leave him and break up and for that reason, men feat always about and if sometimes girl approach or ready for intimate men have to feel fear of not happen successfully or something bad thing did which she does not like and that kind of feel sometimes increase the chance of not get erect on time and another problem faced by men which are called erectile dysfunction but there is the solution for ED problem when you want to do first time intimate with your new girlfriend feel embarrassing or something takes sildenafil citrate-based Kamagra oral jelly 100 mg for the safe side if you are not ED problem then take it for not failure embracing face that time. There are other tadafilda tablets available just like tadaflo 20 mg.


As per medical science psychology problem biggest disease rather than other problem men fear before attempt to do think just like happen while have intimate with new girlfriend sometime you can get erect proplery but you discharge with in second or sometime you can not able to get excited to do for about not able to comfortable.  Before go with intimate with new girlfriend be comfortable take her that place where no one have come easily, freshly mood and be prepare with pills which can protect you get embraced front of new girl friend if you can not do well on first intimate it is high chances your girl friend will leave you suddenly. Keep in pocket fildena 25 or fildena 50 for erect proper and get time to cum.


Long term relationship is a most avoidable and most hiding secret relationship because you both are not faced in front of and connect only through mobile and social media. If your long relationship does not get short it is a high chance to get a breakup so keep in mind you or your girlfriend can meet every month or 4 months once physically and talk with her and try to convince her about flirty.

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