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8 Facts you need to know about Skin Cancer

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 Skin care is often less talked about cancer, but it is more common than you may realize. Nearly 1 in 9500 Americans develop skin cancer by the time they reach 70. If you want to know more about skin cancer, read till the end to find some real interesting facts about skin cancer.

     Skin Cancer is on the rise in Young People

Melanoma is the most fatal form of skin cancer. Since the 1970s the skin condition of melanoma has increased by eight folds in women who are under 40 and almost fourfold in young men today. According to Mayo Clinic, tanning is one of the most driving factors of skin cancer in young people today. Melanoma is also on the rise in children, each year the cases for melanoma rate in children is increased by 2 percent. Some of the best cancer doctors in Lahore swear by the cases of how 5 years old have skin cell cancers due to a rare syndrome. So now that you know about skin cancer at a young age, you might as well be more careful about your sunscreens this year.

 Skin cancer can get to your EYES!

Yes, you have read that right. Eye melanoma is a form of skin cancer that is present as a small freckle in the eye. Eyelids and areas around the eyes are also a common area for developing skin cancer. Basal cell and squamous cell cancer are the most common types and unfortunately often goes unnoticed when they first start developing. Surprisingly almost 2000 cases of skin cancer are of eye melanoma in the United states.

 You do not need sun for developing skin cancer

While sunscreens are awfully crucial for defeating skin cancer, it definitely does not prevent it 100%. It may seem a little unfair (because frankly speaking it is!), you can develop skin cancer in bizarre places like armpits, vagina, buttocks, toes, and other sensitive areas of your body. According to some really horror stories, people got skin cancer between their toes and the skin cancer would just spread. This is why it is very important to get your yearly skin check ups from a professional. A trained doctor would look at every nook of your skin to ensure there is no abnormal growth. This becomes essentially more important when you cross 40.

People with dark skin tones can get skin cancer too

People with darker skin tones are no less prone to skin cancer problems. rather it becomes more complicated with time. By the time it is diagnosed and advanced it spreads and becomes harder to treat. People do not usually regard this as something to be concerned about, but if you know how Bob Marley died, you would know how melanoma on your toe can be more than lethal. So if you are a person of color do know that you are also at the same risk of getting skin cancer as other individuals which is why monthly self-exams are very important and can help with your early detection.

Be aware of big fat Moles

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Irregular fat moles on any part of the body can be the loudest sign of skin cancer. So if you happen to have a mole, here is how to identify whether its cancerous or not;

–          Asymmetry- the mole is very misshapen

–          The edges are very irregular

–          The color of the mole changes and is also not the same color all over. Patches of pink, brown white or blue can be alarming signs.

–          The spot is larger and bigger than an eraser

–          The mole keeps changing its size. This is the clearest sign of mole

There are other ways a skin cancer may look, such as pimples, big rashes, sores that keep changing and hardly ever heal. Sometimes they may be painful to touch and bleed, ooze from time to time.

UV rays are not the only cause of skin cancer

UV rays are one of the main reasons why skin cancers develop in the first place, but according to a study the biggest reason for skin cancer development is indoor tanning booth sessions. According to the shaukat khanum hospital, The next in line cause for cancer development is genetics. If someone has skin cancer in your family tree, there are solid chances for you to develop skin cancer as well. 

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