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8 Cool Ideas of Corner Rugs For Living Rooms

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Have you heard of corner rugs? They have become a sensation in current times. A lot of people prefer to install corner rugs in their living rooms to enhance the aesthetics and create a beautiful and comfortable corner. So, if you are looking for a quick upgrade for your living room, then incorporating a corner rug can effectively boost your living room aesthetics.

Today, we will discuss 8 cool ideas for corner rugs for living room.  

8 Corner Rug Ideas For Living Room

Corner rugs can look great in living spaces. Here, we will discuss eight cool and interesting corner rugs for your living room that will significantly enhance your living room aesthetics and make it more aesthetically appealing- 

  1. Round Corner Rug

Round corner rugs are the most popular and widely used corner rugs that you can incorporate into your living. Round corner rugs go well with almost every interior and size of the room easily. You can find round-corner rugs in various colours, designs, designs and materials. So, you can easily pick a rug according to your needs and preferences. 

  1. Semi-Circle Corner Rug
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Besides the round corner rugs, semi-circle corner rugs are also quite popular for living room decoration. The semi-circle shape of the carpets looks interesting and creates a beautiful corner in your living space. They also come in various colours and designs to match different types of living room interiors. For instance, you can try semi-circle corner rugs for the living room to turn a simple corner into a warm sitting zone. 

  1. Triangle Corner Rug

Triangle corner rugs for living room are very common and available in various colours, designs and sizes. Also, triangle corner rugs easily fit into any corner of your living space and turn it into a cosy corner for evening conversation and weekend gatherings. Triangle corner rugs are also available in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect pair for your living space without much difficulty. 

  1. Irregular-Shaped Corner Rug

If you are looking for some unique corner rugs for your living room, then an irregular-shaped corner rug is all you need. Irregular-shaped corner rugs are one of the most interesting types of corner rugs that look incredible for their unusual shapes and designs. Irregular-shaped corner rugs, especially, look brilliant with modern and contemporary interiors. 

  1. Floral Corner Rug

If you want to add a natural touch to your living room space, then nothing can do better than a floral corner rug. Floral corner rugs are available in various interesting designs and vibrant colours that help to brighten up your living space by adding a lively rug that reminds you of the beauty and softness of the blossoms. You can find various styles of floral corner rugs, from traditional styles to modern and minimalist styles, so you can easily select according to your living room environment. 

  1. Educational Corner Rug

Educational corner rugs can be a great addition to your living room, especially if you have young kids in your house. Educational corner rugs display the alphabet, numbers and signs on them, and young kids can learn from reading them aloud while playing in the living. Also, educational corner rugs give your living a quirky look and make it interesting even for the guests.  

  1. Plush Corner Rug

Plush corner rugs are the new favourite for their soft and luxurious look. Most plush corner rugs are made with natural materials such as wool, cotton and silk to offer a soft and velvety touch to the feet. Plush corner rugs look absolutely stunning with a modern and minimalist living room setup and give the space a premium look and feel. Not only that, plush corner rugs also help to protect your flooring and expensive furniture by adding a soft layer on the floor. 

  1. Abstract Corner Rug

Abstract corner rugs can be a good option to choose if you are looking for something cool and interesting for your living room. Abstract corner rugs look super cool with modern and contemporary interiors. They add a sense of classiness and work as a statement piece for the space. 

Benefits Of Using Corner Rugs

Corner rugs have more than one benefit to offer. Besides their aesthetical value they also have a practical aspect to consider. Below, we will discuss some common benefits of using a corner rug in your living space-

  • A corner helps to utilize the corners of your living that are left unused in most cases.
  • It helps to enhance the look of your living and makes it more warm and comfortable.
  • It creates a beautiful small corner in your living space, and you can use a corner rug to divide your living into two different sections.


The concept of corner rugs for living rooms is contemporary, and a lot of people are adapting them to improve their living room aesthetics. Corner rugs are both practical and beautiful. Above, we have discussed 8 interesting and cool corner rugs that you can incorporate to transform your living room.

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