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7 Super-Fast TikTok Tricks To Harness The Power Of Hashtag Challenges

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Ready to gain popularity? Tap into TikTok to acquire the potential features responsible for your growth. Brands and creators utilize the tremendous power of TikTok to become a trend. Since TikTok is the most engaging platform with millions of short videos, people jump to this channel for entertainment purposes. 

The majority of people think TikTok is only for kids and youngsters. But the truth is, just like Facebook and Instagram, people of all ages can use it either for relaxing purposes or to gain the latest updates. The features on TikTok always keep the users engaging and help to build a community.

By seeing the audience’s interest in TikTok, brands and marketers start to involve their presence to add reputation with higher traffic for their product. With over 20.33 million daily users, bring your head up in knowing the trending topics on TikTok.

One of the best ways to discover your presence is using the hashtag challenges. It tends to show your content to global people. Also, your video can go viral overnight when you participate in popular challenges. In the below article, we will discuss the seven tips to utilize the potential of hashtag challenge.

Importance Of Hashtags

7 Super-Fast TikTok Tricks To Harness The Power Of Hashtag Challenges 1

The emerging place of the hashtag is on Twitter, but its popularity is spreading on all social media platforms, including TikTok. The hashtag is the primary way to find your content by your target audiences and helps to build a loyal community.

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Also, hashtags play a major role in TikTok advertising to grab new audiences. Drive higher engagement by stuffing the more relevant and perfect hashtag suitable for your content. When a user uses the Discover page to find something on TikTok with a keyword, if it suits your content, the video appears to their eyes, leading to your content’s discoverability.

Tricks To Grab The Power Of Hashtag Challenge

TikTok brings a reputation for your brand when the awareness increases. A great way to increase the brand reach is by utilizing the potential of hashtag challenges.

7 Super-Fast TikTok Tricks To Harness The Power Of Hashtag Challenges 2

Here are the best seven ideas that give a hand to launch a successful hashtag challenge and bring a change in your business.

#1. Start Your Own Research

When you plan to implement a new hashtag challenge, first do some research on the For You page about the trending challenges that went viral before. With the proper analysis of those challenges, let you get some idea on launching a successful challenge.

Identify the patterns available on those content and know what makes them go viral. Ask questions on your own and find the solution to the existing challenge. Get To know whether the funny concept attracts audiences or any exciting news attracts them to participate in it. Take the viral challenges as your inspiration and focus on making an attractive hashtag challenge with a higher brand reach.

#2. Stuff A Share Worthy Hashtag

The common element on all social media platforms is to have a simple, relevant, and specific hashtag. Those particular hashtags remain the main tool in making your challenge popular among broader audiences. It works out because people participate in your challenge by doing something new and share it on TikTok using your specific hashtag. When more people participate in a challenge, the hashtag used in the content goes trending. It may be responsible for attaining virality. 

An added benefit of using a hashtag is tracking the list of audiences who participated in your specific challenge. Invest some effort in selecting hashtags and keep the following three qualities in mind:

  • Shareworthy: The hashtag you choose should be simple for sharing and searching.
  • Memorable: Make your hashtag recognizable for audiences by relating directly to your challenge.
  • Brand association: If it is possible to add your brand name as the hashtag, use it to build a trustable association for your brand.

#3. Focus On Your Brand

Select the appropriate hashtag relevant to your challenge to focus on gaining popularity for your product or brand. TikTok may have a lot of challenges but only a few associate with brands. So, it provides you the chance to stand out from the crowd. 

However, before planning your challenge, be clear whether it is a branded hashtag challenge or a challenge with the usual concept. While using the branded hashtag on your popular challenge, you can gain new followers on TikTok by showing your brand’s existence. 

There are two different ways to run challenges. One is, you can add a brand name as one of your hashtags, but this does not suit all challenges. The other way is, create a simple challenge using your product to increase your brand presence.

#4. Make Your Challenge Memorable

When you think of the successful challenges in your past, some strikes your mind immediately remembering those performances. The theme makes us unforgettable. The challenge that never fades in the past is Ice Bucket challenge, Mannequin challenge, and Ten Year challenge.

Just think, what makes those challenges more memorable? First is the popularity of the challenge, and the other important factor is relatability. Make your challenge visible to wider audiences and bring it out in a simple manner to increase participation.

Well, the goal of creating a challenge is to engage audiences resulting in higher engagement. Since the challenge takes off the engagement part, work on it to make it memorable.

#5. Choose The Perfect Audio

7 Super-Fast TikTok Tricks To Harness The Power Of Hashtag Challenges 3

TikTok is all about trending music and soundtracks with great videos. Music to your hashtag challenge becomes the essential component to go viral. Go through the successful challenges and find the suitable music in those videos to undertake it for your video. A perfect soundtrack relevant to your challenge increases audience engagement.

Do you know? The popular TikToker Guess uses the song I’m a Mess written by Bebe Rexha in his challenge #inmydenim. Since it suits their video, the participants took the lead to follow the same music to use in their video. The theme for your challenge transforms your brand’s reach to broader people around the world.

#6. Lay Your Challenge With Clear Rules

Now, you are on fire to win the hearts of your target audiences. To make your challenge perfect, lay down the clear rules to participate in your challenge. Fix the rules by remembering the questions whether you want your audiences to perform a specific task, or they can publish by making some unique twist in your challenge. Once after getting the answer to the above questions, frame a clear set of rules for your branded hashtag challenge.

For instance, if you want your audience to dance, then come out with a video choreographed with beautiful music and easy-to-do steps. When your video looks simple, more participants gather on your challenge with their own interests. Make sure that all challenges you receive meet your guidelines to get perfection.

#7. Boost The Performance By Promoting

Most people think that challenges go viral magically without any boosting technique from the creators. But the actual fact is, you have to promote your challenge to increase popularity instead of waiting for automatic success. Start promoting your hashtag challenges on other social media platforms and encourage them to participate in your challenge. 

Also, collaborate with the right TikTok influencers to gain instant popularity for your challenge. Reach out to the relevant influencers suitable for your niche and ask them to participate in your challenge and publish it on their TikTok accounts. Since influencers have loyal followers, when they see a challenge on their influencer’s page, it intends them to participate in your challenge as well, leading to the brand reach.

Bottom Line

The powerful marketing tool on TikTok to promote your brand is by creating an attractive hashtag challenge. Increase brand awareness and get conversions with the usage of the right hashtags. The above engaging tips help you take your challenge to the next level with betterment in your brand growth.

Now, start your own challenge with the implementation of the above tricks and go viral on TikTok. Best of luck to succeed in your business!

Author Bio: 

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers. Start following her on Twitter.com.

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