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6 Ways to Prevent Acne after Hair Removal

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Acne is a chronic and inflammatory skin condition that is often characterized by whiteheads, blackheads, pus-filled pimples, and red tender bumps on the forehead, shoulders, upper chest, and neck. The condition is typically caused due to the clogging of skin pores with oil, dead skin cells, or bacteria. In many cases, it can also be triggered following hair removal procedures. Hair removal procedures like waxing can often make the skin vulnerable to acne breakouts, especially when bacteria manage to enter the open pores post the procedure.

Dermatologists assert that waxing tends to remove some skin from the surface that may leave the pores exposed. This may lead to pimples, especially when the area comes in contact with soothing agents or is touched with bare hands. Moreover, it can trigger breakouts due to various other reasons like wax allergy, skin sensitivity, mild burns, etc. Thus, people are suggested to take certain preventive measures in order to prevent acne after hair removal.

Here are some effective ways to prevent acne after hair removal:

1. Get rid of dead skin cells

First and foremost, prepare your skin well before waxing. You should always use an exfoliating scrub before undergoing the waxing procedure to get rid of any dead skin cells, dirt and oil. This will also provide you a smoother skin afterwards.

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2. Use baby powder

If you’re planning to get your eyebrows done, it is better to apply some baby powder before the procedure. This allows the wax to grab hair easily and absorb excess oil.

3. Don’t touch the waxed area

Touching the waxed area can increase the risk of bacteria transmission from the hands to the skin. Moreover, it can also clog the pores. Thus, you should always avoid touching the waxed area after the procedure.

4. Use clean equipment

Make sure to wax with clean and sterilized equipment only. Mishandled and unclean equipment often becomes susceptible to the build-up bacteria that can further trigger acne breakouts.

5. Don’t use oil-based products

Avoid using oil-based products like moisturizers, creams and hair oils for some time after the waxing procedure. Instead, you should decide on natural, oil-free and skin-friendly products. You can also use Aloe Vera gel as it is known to reduce inflammation and irritation.

6. Use antiseptic lotions 

Using antiseptic lotions and creams not only proffers a soothing effect on the skin but also helps in warding off any potential infection. You can also apply astringents immediately after waxing to minimize the risk of inflammation. Moreover, you should always ensure good post-waxing care of your skin. In case you still experience acne breakouts, use only the best products for acne like AcneStar Gel or AcneStar soap to get relief from the problem.

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