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6 Tips to Ensure that your Home is Safe for Kids 

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Living with a toddler is a 24/7 job where you have to see your babies continuously so they don’t fall in the trap or hurt themselves from any accident. From the furniture to the cleaning of the homes, every area of your condo is important when you have kids around. Especially, when you’re planning to buy a condo, you have to consider the environment, neighborhood and home furnishing.

Since prevention is better than cure and kids have the habits of digging everything so you should mark your place save for kids. Here’s how you can protect your children from getting into the trap.

  1. Go Shoeless and Avoid Carpeting

The air inside your condo can be more dangerous as compared to the outside if you’ve wall to wall carpeting in your condo. Carpets are the best place for dust, mosquitoes, fleas and pests. So, make sure you don’t carpet the whole floor because children crawl and love to keep everything in their mouths. 

Keep the doormats and leave your shoes outside. It will aid in keeping the atmosphere clean and safe for children.

  1. Don’t Allow your Children to Enter Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are the places that lure children the most. But they are also the most dangerous places for them. When you’re looking for Toronto condo for sale, make sure they don’t have the open kitchens as they can be dangerous for your kids.

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If you’re already living in an open kitchen condo then keep your children away from the stove, kitchen accessories and make sure you don’t carry the hot soups or cup of tea when your kids are crawling around. [wall painting design]

Without adult supervision, never allow your kids to the bathroom. Keep the toilet lid down and keep your toddlers aside from the receptacle areas as even the little water can be dangerous for them.   

  1. Keep Indoor Plants for Them

You can’t measure the germs attacking your homes from the outside, especially when your home isn’t open to sunlight. So, you should consider adding houseplants that can cut the harmful chemicals from the air such as ammonia, formaldehyde and benzene.

Plants will improve the quality of air as it’s important for children to inhale clean air. The recommended plants, in this case, are snake plants, bamboo palm and spider plants. Apart from the indoor, you can also consider gardening if you live in a home. It proves valuable in improving your health.

  1. Take Care of the Sockets and Cords

Cords and plugs should be marked safe for the children as they have the habit of giving their fingers into the sockets. So, you will need to cover all the sockets and refrain your children to go near to them.

Toddlers are also drawn to the cords and have the habit of biting them which can cause bruises. You can cover defective cords with the special tubes available in the market. Cleaning products that are hazardous for children should also be kept aside from them.

  1. Keep the Floor Clean

If you have toddlers, you must know children keeps everything in the mouth and are curious to touch everything even the dust. So, you must keep the floor tidy. Even if their toys are messed up on the floor, it can also cause accidents. The real danger starts when the infants start crawling so the job of continuously monitoring them is important or you won’t know what they’re taking inside.

If you have bought a condo in 10 York Street, you should dedicate your time to its cleaning because it’s an open place and can become the hub for germs and infections.  

  1. Keep Vases, Lamps and Glass Items out of Reach

Glass accessories, vases or lamps are easily breakable for children. With the one push, you can hear the pieces shattering on the floor which is quite dangerous for children. So, always keep these items out of their reach.

When your toddlers are around, safety is more important than the beauty of the condo. So, keep everything in your home considering them. It will keep you safe from the dangers in the future.

Children’s protection is important; the six tips mentioned above will keep your children safe to grow up. Remember, prevention is better than a cure.   

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