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6 Solid Reasons to Use a Real Estate Consultant to Buy a Property in Spain

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Buying a property in Spain can be a hectic task if dealt with individually and without any proper assistance. There are numerous real estate consultants available that can help an individual buy their perfect home in Spain and even lessen the amount of stress and hassle in between. Some reliable property dealers do not charge anything for showcasing properties while helping with various processes and solutions to get the property purchased by the buyer. Let us delve into the six solid reasons for involving a real estate consultant in Moraira while purchasing properties around Spain, depicted below for the readers.

6 important reasons for buying properties in Spain from real estate consultants

Individuals looking to purchase properties in Spain can check with real estate consultants to make the process pretty easy. A list of six important reasons for buying a Spanish property from real estate agents is discussed below for informational purposes.

Special Power of Attorney

There are times when the clients stay away from Europe but want to invest in a Spanish property. For this, all legal processes, including accounting and mortgage policies, creating bank accounts, and also filling up the bureaucratic forms involved in the process, sometimes make it impossible for that individual to travel to Spain and get things done. Real estate consultants can help in the matter and deploy a power of attorney to commission the bureaucratic procedures on behalf of the client.

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Assist with an NIE number

To buy a property in Spain or to work here for seasonal durations, individuals need to get an NIE Spanish number. For this, they need to fill out the NIE Application Form and produce the compulsory documents to the authorities around them. This process can be a pretty difficult job, and a real estate consultant can help prospective buyers with the solutions. A foreign national can easily obtain an NIE certificate from a reputed real estate agent without any stress.

Avail of a Golden Visa

Real estate consultants can also help foreign nationals get a golden visa for traveling around the Spanish country without the need to be citizens or taxpayers of the country. This process involves individuals checking with a Spanish real estate consultant and booking a property worth 5,00,000 euros to stay, live, and travel throughout their time here. This can be the perfect residence permit for any foreign national while cutting down on visa charges for traveling to the destination.

Assistance with banking procedures

A real estate consultant working with a foreign national to invest in a property in Spain can help with the mortgage sourcing processes and the banking procedures. A property agent has contacts with various banks and can afford mortgages at lower rates. Moreover, a real estate consultant can also help in opening the bank accounts of foreign investors and streamline the purchasing process in between. No non-resident is allowed to open a Spanish bank account at the location, and a reliable real estate consultant can only help with the process hassle-free.

Monitor properties using property inspectors.

Another important reason for hiring a real estate consultant in Spain is to run a check on the property with expert property inspectors around. Villa inspectors can help in finding flaws in the construction processes along with major maintenance charges regarding the property. This can certainly help foreign investors get a proper check on the property conditions and opt to buy the property that serves them better.

Provide help with property management.

Real estate consultants can also help prospective buyers with property management processes in the later part of their lives. A real estate consultant can help customers with tax compliance, maintenance processes, and other property-related services over a long period. The job of a real estate agent just doesn’t stop after the buying process, as property buyers rely on them for the various distinct procedures related to the property for the rest of their lives.

Concluding Words

To wrap up, these are the six distinct reasons for hiring a real estate consultant when buying properties in Spain. Individuals can check for the best real estate agents in Spain over the Internet while checking the positive reviews received by prospective property buyers.

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