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6 Signs That Tells You’re Nesting

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Enjoy the time before childbirth and contact an ob-gyn in Los Angeles to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. Also, when in doubt about nesting, if you’re unaware of something, contact an ob-gyn doctor.

Nesting is a maternal instinct thing. It makes pregnant women do weird things all the time. This very thing kicks in just some days or week before the childbirth in every pregnant woman. If this is your first time, and you’re absolutely unaware of nesting, contact the best ob-gyn doctors in Los Angeles and they will explain it to you. An ob-gyn in Los Angeles will also instruct you with the do’s and don’ts for this period.

If you don’t know what exactly nesting is, here are the 6 signs of nesting for your convenience.

Rearranging Rooms:

Although you are pregnant, and you’re certainly not allowed to do the heavy lifting or any kind of work that requires strength. Yet, you are all set to do it! This is one of the signs of nesting in pregnant women. If you have woken up in the middle of the night, feeling hungry and you find the fridge hasn’t been cleaned, you become ready in all cleaning mode, even in the middle of the night. However, nesting is one thing but stay away from doing heavy lifting or the works that require strength. Ask for help to do all these things.

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Arranging Everything:

You’re some days away of giving birth, now you remember; how you missed the baby bump pictures you have taken. The family member photos, your ultrasound pictures, all of it, and they certainly needs to be arranged. You don’t see time or day, you just sit down with all your energy and start to arrange every photo according to their dates, and even alphabetically!

Cleaning Everywhere:

Remember Monica from the ‘Friends’ sitcom. How she cleaned the bathroom, while she was hiding in there! You will be doing the same thing during this period. You will clean the bathroom, without any reason. Scrubbing and washing still every corner of the bathroom is squeaky clean. Your excuse will be, the baby needs a germ free environment, and the bathroom is the source of it!

Cooking Pre-meals:

One night after dinner it might come to your mind that, that when the baby comes it will need food and food means a truckload of foods. That can feed an entire nation! You set to cook, even at the night time. You might not have all the supplies, but you are going to be the super mom, who can arrange everything in any situation. If you still need to buy supplies, you don’t hesitate to ask your husband to visit the supermarket.

Flower Plants:

Even though you haven’t been very enthusiastic about flowers and plants before, but now you are. You look for the flower plants in Google, ask your friends about the plants, and then buy them all of a sudden. Your excuse, the baby needs a flowery environment, and you need to see pretty things all the time. Thus, flower plants are necessary!

Baby Stuff:

Even after you have bought so many things for your baby’s arrival, you still find some of them aren’t bought yet. So you run for the baby store even at 10 pm at night, while they are almost on the verge of closing the store. You request your best to let you buy just a few items before you run out of time. You’re sometimes lucky that the storekeeper is kind enough!

These are just some aspects of nesting for pregnant women. However, there is more weird stuff they tend to do while nesting strikes them. Furthermore, this is the time you must enjoy, and regret doing nothing at all, not at least for the sake of harmless fun. Also, go for ultrasound baby scan services to get a baby scan.

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