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6 Incredible Ways to Ensure Health, Safety and Happiness of Poodle

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Having a poodle requires the owner to get ready for a roller coaster ride. While you start searching for poodle for sale online, here are some of the must-now facts that you should be mentally, physically and financially prepared for. Taking care of poodle requires a lot of efforts and commitment towards a particular routine for poodle owners. There are going to be some tasks about which you may feel unsure of how to do them in the best way. 

Here’s the complete guide for your reference. 

Selecting a poodle puppy for sale online is easier, but the major responsibility starts on how to plan each and every aspect, starting from food, grooming, to training and more. Here are the most important aspects on how to take the best care of a poodle of any age. 

  • Feed high-quality food 

The quality of food will greatly affect the overall health of your poodle, for today and tomorrow. There are many commercial brands selling specific diet food of poodles, and most of them have additive chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors which can lead to upset stomach and itchy skin. Not taking care of Poodle’s diet may also become a reason of their neurological diseases and cancers. 

Avoid feeding food items that are filled with fillers with cheap quality ingredients. These serve to satisfy the hunger, but aren’t absorbed by the body. Your poodle may feel hungry soon after eating these food items and this may lead to malnutrition and coprophagia. 

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The meat by-products are big NO for Poodles. Some of the animal parts are unfit for dog consumption such as ones belonging to 

  • Diseased Animal
  • Dying Animal
  • Dead Animal
  • Disabled Animal

You neither want your poodle to be eating by-products such as hooves, beaks, spleens and spinal tissues. 

Conduct a research about healthy food items that you can offer to your Poodle. Among online Poodles for sale options given by well-informed owners, they specifically mention feeding instructions along with the Ad for your reference. 

  1. Keep the snacking healthy

Your Poodle is going to love snacks, and this could be the best way to add some nutrition. The snacks form 15-20% of their daily food intake. That is why, it is necessary to select the right treats that are free of harmful chemicals. Some snacks may cause allergies, choking, itching and internal blockage, while offering no nutritional value to poodles. 

The solution is to find the right balance with raw carrots, raspberries, apples, bananas and all natural commercial treats. The soft chewy treats can be given in between meals or as rewards while training for good habits and behavior. 

  1. Safety of Poodles 

You can avoid going through health emergencies or injuries by following the care guidelines on routine basis. First of all, throw all the dog-ingesting objects that may cause internal blocking, choking, or even poisoning. The poodle owners should keep their safety at the top of their mind, before you start looking for poodle puppy for sale. You have to make the dog learn to stay away from dangerous elements. Sometimes, the poodles mouth things to figure out what it is and start chewing them simply because they are bored. 

When it comes to safety aspect, you should know that the top leading causes of death among poodle puppies and adults has been trauma and toys. 

Wondering what to do?

  • Make the house puppy-proof: No matter, you have poodle puppy or adult one, always pick up the items fallen on the floor or swayed under the furniture. 
  • Install gates to cover the dangerous area or steps in the house: This is necessary for poodle puppies, because of their delicacy and habits of navigating around the house. 
  • Cover the lower cabinets with child-proof locks: Poodles love to get inside cabinets in search for something to chew or ingest. 
  • Keep your Poodle hooked up and leashed: Unless, you are out in an enclosed yard or a gated park, its best to leave no chance for your Poodle to run off. 
  1. Use a Restraint or Car Seat

Keep your little poodle seated properly in the car. The car accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime. Generally, while travelling the dogs are not kept safe and only 16% of the pet drivers take the responsibility to use the complete safety restraint.  

Do you know that crashing car at 20 MPH causes 200 lb. crash force to an unrestrained 10 lb. dog?

The numbers are more shocking here:

An unstrained 40lb. dog suffers a 2000 lb. crash force while driving at 50 MPH!

Scared enough? Make sure you restrain the Poodle every time carrying it along in the car. 

  • Exercise Regimes: Very Important for Overall Good Health 

Exercise routines have shown tremendous benefits in increasing life spans of dogs. Make sure you keep the poodle puppy and adult physically active as it ensures a heart healthy. It also helps to tone the muscles and reduce the risk to diseases. 

The poodles have a lot of pent up energy that they can release through exercises and thus, make them behave better. Taking your dog out helps them to inhibit tolerance and get socialized among other dogs, kids and strangers. The poodle breeds should at least have 2 walks of 20-30 minutes a day. Adding regular cardio sessions such as fetch games is also a great choice. 

The owner excited on the lookout of poodles for sale, should show equal enthusiasm while taking care of them and playing with them.

  • Pay Annual Visits to a Vet Clinic

Having frequent wellness checks for your poodles is an important aspect. Our pets should also have annual health exams and twice-per-year geriatric check-ups for adult dogs. If you continue visiting the vet clinic, there are many health issues that can be caught at an early stage.. 

One Last Reminder!

You may assume at a point of time that your poodle puppy is doing just fine. There could be a lot of health issues bubbling under the surface that you may have no idea about. The goal should be to give the best possible care to ensure happiness, safety and optimal health of poodles. 

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