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6 Elements of a Proper Roofing Estimate

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Are you planning to get a new roof for your cherished home? If yes, it is always a good idea to shop around and take multiple roofing estimates. There must be lots of roofing contractors working in your area and everyone would surely try to impress you with his work. However, it is not wise to take an abrupt decision and hire the one who contacted you first.

Getting a roofing estimate is probably the first thing should think of getting when you are planning to install a new roof. By getting a roofing estimate, you can have a good idea of how a particular roofing contractor plans to proceed and what are the different options available in the roofing industry about your potential roofers. However, it is a challenge to assess whether the estimate is accurate or not. When getting a roofing estimate, look out for these six essential elements so that you can find someone trustworthy for your residential roofing job.

Dates Schedule

It is always recommended to get an estimate in written form. When you receive the document, first look for the starting and closing dates means the date on which a contractor is going to start work on your roof and when he is planning to close it. The mentioning of dates on the document shows that the contractor is quite clear about his work plan. This also makes it easier for you to prepare ahead of the given schedule.

Materials To Be Used

Whether you are planning to install a metal roof or it is shingle roofing, your contractor must mention the details of all materials that he is going to use during your roofing project. Initially, when you consult a roofer, he advises you on what materials to use and what to avoid just to ensure the longevity of your roof. But when you get all the details in form of writing, it is a testament that you agree to buy all the roofing products he is going to use.

Scope Of Work

This is another essential element that must be mentioned in the document especially if are hiring them for commercial roofing. This portion must describe what needs to be done, how much labor you would need, and whether it includes post-construction cleanup or not.

Total Cost

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This indeed is the most crucial element of a document of the estimate for roofing. Upon receiving the budget estimate, most homeowners first look at the total cost of the project because they want to see if it is within their budget. Be sure to compare the total cost shown on all the estimates you got from contractors to get an idea of which one offers the best deal. However, keep in mind that you should not base your judgment on who made the lowest bid. Most contractors will work with you to find an offer that fits your budget without compromising on the quality of execution. The total cost should not only list the costs of the shingles. The essential details that make up the estimated cost of the project include:

  • Tear off the old roof
  • New tile installation
  • Underlayer
  • Flashing, flashing, flashing counter
  • Lead Pipe Plugs
  • Fireplace work
  • Ice and water barrier
  • Ridge or box vents
  • Fin vents
  • Gutters
  • Cleaning and emptying costs

Changes During The Roof Installation Process

Unforeseen circumstances warrant changes during the roof installation. Structural problems can be discovered after the old roof is removed, meaning that repairs must be made before the installation can progress. Or maybe the homeowner has changed his mind about the roofing material because it doesn’t match the color of the gutter protectors. Whatever the reason, the contract must state how these changes will be made and who will be authorized to approve these changes.


Check the fine print of the budget. You should mention the type of warranties the roofing companies offer, including warranties for workmanship and/or materials and expectations for cleanliness. Additionally, shingles and other roofing materials and components are covered by accredited manufacturer warranties, but you will only be eligible if you work with licensed or qualified roofing contractors. The estimate should also indicate whether the warranty can be transferred to the next property owner, especially if you are looking to list your home for sale.

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