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5 Ways to avoid Joint Pain in Winters

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Winters is often considered as the season of celebration and good food. However, it is also one of the most vulnerable times of the year that brings along a number of health concerns. Cold and fever, tonsils, ear infections, etc. are some of the common health issues that become prevalent when the temperature experiences a fall. However, joint pain is one of the most discomforting problems that people face during winters.

As per medical experts, pain receptors in humans become more sensitive during the winters. This worsens the case for people suffering from arthritis (joint inflammation) as they get susceptible to chronic joint pain and muscle stiffness. Furthermore, various researches also assert that cold temperature reduces the blood circulation which can eventually amplify the pain.

Unfortunately, even after the consistent efforts of the top pharma companies in India, a significant cure to the arthritis condition remains obscure. However, one can avoid pain by taking note of certain preventive measures.

Here are some ways people can avoid joint pain during the winter season:

Don’t stay indoors

Staying indoors during winters and savouring cosiness might sound like fun for many people. However, this can create real problems for people suffering from arthritis. According to medical experts, temperature drops are followed by muscle spasms that can worsen the joint pain and stiffness. Thus, people are advised to stay active and move around during winters.

Wear enough clothes

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Stay packed with warm clothes like gloves, caps and other woollens. This is essential for safeguarding the muscles and joints against pain as it keeps the core body temperature at a nominal (warm) level. People area also advised to wear body warmers and long warm boots for covering the joint areas.

Stretch and exercise regularly

Cardio exercising is one of the best ways of warming up the body. Since winters may hamper one’s jogging routine with dynamic daylight conditions, medical experts suggest people to adapt to the colder months by using equipment like treadmills and cross-trainers. However, don’t forget to stretch the body parts after the workout session.

Take hot showers

Hot showers are a blessing, especially for people living in areas that experience snowfall. Taking a hot water bath not only provides relief but also soothes the joints and helps in avoiding stiffness. Furthermore, people can also apply hot packs or use heating pads for the same.

Focus on diet

People prone to joint pain should take special care of their diet. According to medical experts, people can decide on an anti-inflammatory diet as it is highly beneficial for the bone health.

Lastly, people are strongly advised to take medications and other pharmaceutical products carefully. According to health experts, people tend to consume excessive amount of pain killers which is harmful for the health in the long run.

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