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5 Tips for Taking Care of your Skin in Winters

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The cold wave and dry air in the winter season can cause several problems for your skin. It can induce irritation while making the skin itchy, red and dry. According to skin experts, cold and blustery conditions outside can make the skin raw while the indoor heat can wipe out its moisture, leaving it dull and dry.

Furthermore, winters can also aggravate skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, winter itch, etc. However, taking certain precautionary measures and following some easy tips can protect your skin from a wide range of problems. Here are some tips you should follow in order to safeguard your skin in the winter season:

Increase water intake

Water is indispensable for humans. However, people tend to reduce their water intake during the winter season. This can dehydrate the body and make the skin vulnerable to various disorders and dryness. Thus, it is important to always consume adequate amount of water, irrespective of the weather conditions. Nevertheless, you can replace water with winter warming teas like ginger tea, lemon tea, or green tea. This will not only prevent dehydration but also make you feel healthy, active and energetic.

Use gentle cleansers and soaps

The top pharma companies in India assert that using wrong soaps can worsen the itchiness and dryness of the skin. Such soaps may contain various harmful and harsh chemicals (and ingredients) that can alleviate skin problems. They remain ineffective on dry and cracked skin and also strip away its moisture. Thus, it is essential to decide on natural and cream based cleansers only. For better results, you can also use medicated soaps manufactured by the top pharmaceutical companies.

Take short hot water showers

Believe it or not, long hot water showers in winters can make the skin dry. No matter how soothing it may feel in the cold weather, it affects the skin adversely. It not only dehydrates the skin but also strips away the necessary natural oils from the body. Thus, people are advised to avoid spending too much time taking hot showers.

Use natural moisturizers

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Using face moisturizers and body lotions is a healthy habit one should adopt in winters. According to medical experts, people should use oil-based products as they help in keeping the important hydrating oils intact. Moreover, it is important to apply moisturizers or lotions immediately after bathing (or washing) in order to lock maximum amount of moisture in the skin.

Decide on proper clothing

Winters are harsher than summers for the skin as the combination of low humidity and strong blistering winds can make the skin uncomfortably dry. Thus, it is essential to keep the body covered with appropriate clothing at all times. You should wear comfortable and non-irritating clothes made from soft and breathable materials, and also wear a thin layering under the woollen clothes in order to protect your skin from becoming dry or itchy.

Lastly, you should use a high SPF sunscreen in winters to shield your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Besides, you can also use medicated pharmaceutical products for your skin after consulting medical professionals.

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