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    5 Things to Avoid during Constipation Condition

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    Constipation condition or irregular bowel movement is often an irritating and annoying experience for people. It hampers the digestive system’s functioning and makes defecation stressful and painful. According to medical experts, less than three bowel movements per week along with dry, hard and pallet-shaped stool is one of the significant symptoms of constipation.

    Luckily, people can get relief from the condition with ayurvedic treatment for constipation or by using the best natural laxatives for constipation like KABZEND.

    Constipation is often a result of poor food habits and lifestyle. However, implementing healthy changes in daily routine can ease the condition. But in many cases, some actions backfire to eventually make the condition more troublesome.

    Here are 5 things you should avoid when suffering from constipation:         

    • Drinking coffee

    Caffeine is known to stimulate the muscles in the digestive system to contract and encourage bowel movement. However, caffeine consumption can also lead to dehydration. Thus, medical experts suggest people to avoid coffee consumption, especially when suffering from constipation. One should increase their water intake instead, or replace a cup of coffee with green tea or oolong tea.  

    According to medical experts, processed foods and beverages are extremely low in fiber content and high in fat content. They sit in the intestine for an extended period of time and slow down the digestion process. This further allows the colon to absorb more water, making the stool dry and hard.  

    • Increasing fiber content suddenly

    Consuming appropriate amount of fiber is essentially important for a healthy digestive system functioning. However, it should be added gradually in your diet. Increasing fiber consumption suddenly may cause painful bloating and gas, further leading to constipation.    

    • Consuming excess dairy products

    Consumption of dairy products during constipation can increase the complications to make the condition worse. Dairy products like full cream milk, processed cheese, butter, ghee, etc. are high in lactose content. However, one can consume dairy-based beverages like kefir.    

    • Over-reliance on laxatives

    One can rely on the best laxatives for constipation to ease various constipation causes and symptoms. However, excess consumption of laxatives can be harmful. According to medical experts, extended use of laxatives can damage nerve cells in the colon and hamper with muscle contraction needed for emptying the bowel. Thus, it is extremely important to consult your trusted medical sources before using them. Apart from the above-mentioned preventive measures, it is essentially important for people to regularly exercise and stay hydrated during constipation condition.

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