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5 Tech Amenities All Offices Should Have

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What does privacy, collaboration, greenery and natural lighting have in common? All of them are design amenities that several offices claim to attract to retain talent. However, one crucial thing offices tend to forget are – tech amenities. Many office architects in India suggest that we should not overlook this basic need for the generation that is always connected.

The following are a few tech amenities that you should consider to attract employees:

1) Support your employees with data and leverage AI to empower them

Data plays a pivotal role in the design and operation of the workplace. For instance, digital amenities like internal social platforms that allow employees to stay connected with fellow employees and on-demand workplace services that support employees from wherever they are working have become vital to help maintain company culture as some companies are still functioning from home. It is of paramount importance that data and AI technologies expand beyond the physical office space to support employees in their everyday lives, no matter where they are working from.

2) Commendable connectivity

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One cannot  deny the fact that connectivity plays a crucial role when one is  working. The employees want to know everything and accomplish their work on time. It doesn’t matter if they are writing a document or working with an augmented reality program, speed and reliability count. It can be frustrating when one is trying to upload a video and it takes forever or when intermittent service delays the cloud access to important documents.

3) Cloud-based applications

Cloud is what provides power to flexible work generation. One doesn’t  necessarily have to sit right next to their fellow employees in order to work, all one  needs is a desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. Office architects in Delhi believe that when you implement cloud in the building it then eliminates the need to download, edit or upload the document back to a server. Moreover, multiple people can collaborate on the same document.

4) Remote environmental controls

Ifthe employees are given the option of customizing the working environment, it will definitely make them happier. One might know someone who prefers the office to be cooler vis a vis someone who would prefer a warmer environment. Many office architects in Bangalore believe that new and modern office spaces are now incorporating flexible models and increasing the comfort level by giving the employees control over their temperature and lighting based on the weather, time, or task at hand.

5) Collaboration Technology

Office architects in Mumbai assert that equipping the meeting space with plug-n-play technology options is of utmost importance. By doing that one is  building a space where employees can have meetings and collaborative sessions. If   budget allows then perhaps besides projectors or smart screens, maybe consider auto-tinting privacy walls or built-in video conferencing. Tech amenities should be vessels for communicating the company’s culture by responding to employee feedback and what they are craving the most, which is usually freedom of choice. Make it a point to  deliver as this shows that the company  cares about them.

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