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5 Super Easy and Fun Decoration Ideas for Football Game Day Party

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With football season just around the corner, it’s very exciting to host a game day party at home when it is not safe to go outside. Hosting a game day party at home means you will get enough time to spend quality time with your friends or families. There are numerous ways to enjoy the football game day party at home with all that great enthusiasm. From decorating your place with a football or game theme to preparing delicious snacks, we have listed up all the game party ideas that help you decide how to host any amazing party at home this year. 

Decorating your home for a football or sports game day party is easy if you DIY Crafts ideas as well as many decorative items. You may require decorative items like disposable plates, cups, glasses, spandex table covers, rug, ribbons, and colored fabrics. Looking for ideas to make your football game day party amazing and perfect? Keep on reading to know fun and amazing décor ideas to host a game day party at your home.  

1. Set-up Your Living Room Football-Themed 

Move sofas, tables, chairs, and other furniture to your room, place a football field mat or rug on the floor. Light up your living space with string lights. Place your TV at some height so that everyone can get a clear picture from their seat comfortably. Use green-color curtains, you can also use green and brown color ribbon for backdrop.  

Cheer-up your team by decorating your room with your team’s color, pompom, and hang your favorite player’s photo in your living room. To create a stadium feel, you can incorporate popcorn and coffee machines to your home. Put your player’s jersey number on the table to bring sporty vibes to your living space. 

2. Organize Watch Party Outdoors 

Since we all know that it’s not safe to go to the stadium, planning a watch party outdoors (terrace or garden area) is a great way to honor your love for football. Dress up with your team name t-shirt or player’s name/ number t-shirt because watching a party is incomplete without a healthy dose of team spirit.  

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Set a large projection screen at the terrace or in garden areas, light-up space with led lights and throw a football field rug on the floor with some blankets, bean bags, and lots of cushions. You can place speakers also for loud-sound. 

3. Set-up Snack Stadium  

Arrange a football-themed snack station to display delicious sports-inspired or game day party food recipes in a fun way. Make delicious dips, cheese rolls, chicken wings, sandwiches, popcorns, burgers, cheesy-nachos, and different food and appetizers for your teams or groups and serve up your snacks. You can order disposable plates, glasses, straws, cups, or paper napkins and enjoy the match without worrying about washing many dishes.  

5 Super Easy and Fun Decoration Ideas for Football Game Day Party 1

4. Use Football Napkin, Coasters and Plates 

Use colored- napkins, straws, beer mugs, coasters, plates and bouquets of pompoms to create a sport chic look and support your team with all zeal. Dress up the table with a football ground party table runner to take your party decorations to the next level and impress your guests. You can use a burlap tablecloth if you face difficulty in finding football ground party table runners. You can place a football-inspired table mat. Create football snack bags with brown paper bags and white markers or some white paint to serve popcorn and wow your guests with these super easy and fun ideas.  

5. Create Football Mason Jars 

Transform your simple mason jars into football-themed mugs for serving beer, soda or other drinks. Take some mason jars, color each with white, green, and brown and leave dry overnight. Place these mason jars on your table, use them to put napkins, straws, and serve drinks.  

There are plenty of creative ideas to decorate your home for a football or game day party. You can go with the above-mentioned ideas and decorate your home to give a stadium-like feel. You may need some decorative items to decorate your living space.  It would be better to contact a reliable supplier of quality fabrics, decorative items, and wedding accessories at great prices. 

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