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5 reasons why Yoga should become a part of the school curriculum

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Yoga can be done anywhere anytime, it’s all-inclusive, doesn’t matter what the shape of the body is or the age. When it comes to yoga as an adult you always wish that you had it sooner in your life. Practicing yoga from a very young age can be very beneficial as it builds concentration, creates a balance between mind and body, increases strength and flexibility and develops discipline and self-control in children. Practicing yoga gives understudies a prompt outlet to lessen stretch in a confined and supporting environment. While breathing activities ease off the heart rate. Yoga educates non-judgment and non-rivalry towards oneself and each other. When a child acquires great strength, focus, and flexibility through yoga, it leads to confidence in him. Here we have discussed 5 amazing benefits of yoga for school students.

Improves memory, mental state and focus

School life is quite challenging for everyone as there is a lot of information to absorb. With so many different subjects to learn and understand, it becomes quite impossible for the children to keep up with the pace. Adding different types of yogic pranayama, asanas, and meditation into the everyday schedule of students will help them gain focus and will improve their memory over time. Adding meditation will help the student to quiet their mind, redirect their energy towards their goal and boost their mental strength.

Cultivates physical fitness

Through yoga, students can attain balance, flexibility, and strength in the body. Yoga improves respiratory function and helps in weight loss. A study reveals that U.S. children become more obese over time and yoga can help maintain their weight and keep them physically fit. The practice of Surya namaskar in their everyday schedule will help students to be the best version of themselves during their school years.

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Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Scientific investigations have shown that regular practice of yoga and meditation can help significantly reduce the level of stress hormone. The academic environment is such that it leaves the student stressed and anxious at the end of the day, implementing yoga in the school curriculum will help reduce their stress levels, relax their mind and meditation will help them to live in the present moment by ceasing the mental chatter. You can also have a great knowledge and practices of yoga through Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

Improves breathing

Breathing is important for health because it is essential for life. Our well being is related to how we breathe. Good breathing helps in building endurance, keeps lungs and heart-healthy and optimizes performance. Students will increase their quality of life through the daily practicing of pranayama and breathing exercises. A study shows that yoga helps to improve our vital capacity which is really important for students suffering from asthma, lung, and heart diseases.

Encourages self-Love and self-care

It all starts by loving yourself that you release how special you are. Classroom-based yoga will bring self-love and freedom in children, yoga promotes healing from the inside and will encourage students to learn to love their own bodies and skin color. Yoga can teach these values to the student at a very young age. Students will grow inside out and change, they will begin to love and honor who they actually are. Additionally, you can make a career in yoga with 300-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.   

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