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5 reasons why experts consistently rank Chrome as a top browser

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According to both NetMarketShare and StatCounter, Google Chrome was the most used browser in 2018. That comes as no surprise. Not only has Chrome occupied that position for the last couple of years, but it also has a dedicated fan base that only seems to be growing by the day.

There are numerous reasons that make Chrome a perennial favorite, but let’s focus on the top 5.

1. Simplicity and speed

Chrome has one of the cleanest design—a large URL bar known as OmniBar, tabs, a space for extensions, and a bookmarking icon. The lack of fluff and advertisement allows you to focus on web content and not the browser.

Note that this minimal design does not imply a lack of functions. Google found a way to hide incredibly helpful and essential features inside the browser that make it of the highest quality. Good examples are multi-account support or a in-built PDF viewer.

With regards to speed, Chrome can open heavy pages that contain a good amount of graphics and videos in a blink. None of the other browsers are this fast when it comes to heavy pages, and the closest competitor is Opera, an increasingly popular browser on the market.

2. Security

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Google has invested a lot in security when it comes to Chrome. Anytime there are new types of web attacks; Google updates Chrome to ensure the browser can deal with the new threats. Also, one can easily refer an error to the Errorcodes Guide to help resolve issues.

However, as a consumer browser, it’s not built with security as a top priority. There are countless online threats that Chrome does not curb. For example, traffic interception is still possible on sites that are HTTP instead of HTTPS. A VPN Chrome extension works wonders to patch that gap. It encrypts your traffic so that bank details and other sensitive information sent through the browser is secured, which makes it extra useful during online transactions.

With a VPN intact, Chrome’s security is almost unbeatable.

3. A massive extensions library

Chrome has an uncountable number of extensions that help meet your needs. Some extensions block ads, some track your usage and some help in maintaining your privacy.

In addition to extensions, Chrome was the first browser to launch a dedicated store that allowed users to buy apps and extensions that could enrich their browsing experience. While other browsers followed suit, Chrome still has the largest collection of interesting extensions.

A good example to consider is StayFocusd. The extension allows you to limit the time you can spend on time-wasting sites. Once the allotted time expires, StayFocusd blocks those sites for the rest of the day. As a result, you avoid procrastination and become more productive.

4. Convenient and easy migration

Google Chrome has a synchronization feature that allows smooth migration from an old browser without losing your bookmarks or most visited sites.

Chrome also allows you to sign in to your account to access both your bookmarks and favorite sites. That not only gives you a personalized experience; managing your credentials also becomes easier.

5. Frequent and quick updates

As technology evolves, websites are constantly utilizing new technologies. As a result, it is important that browsers also continue to evolve to facilitate compatibility. Chrome is always at the forefront rolling out updates that will ensure compatibility and smooth user experience.

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