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5 Most Important Inner-Self Care Tips

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Some people consider it meaningless to take care of their own self when we ask them about how they pamper their inner self! They preach that their prime duty is to serve their families and people before thinking about their own self. Although we appreciate such respect and care for each and every person associated with you, but to ensure that you always give your 100% by being happy and cheerful, you need to do some care of your inner self too.

Happiness is contagious- if you will be happy, you will make everyone happy in your surroundings. Therefore, learn to take care of your inner self. It also helps in retaining one’s self respect that imparts good lessons of learning in your children and others who are associated with you.

In this article we present to you 5 most important tips that will help you to take care of your inner self:

  1. Watch what you eat:

Men and women these days do not pay attention to what they eat. They rather choose for “Easy” and “ready to eat” food when there is a lack of time. This habit has given rise to various unhealthy health hazards such as depression, anxiety, dullness, weakness etc.

Your health is 80% what you eat. Therefore, watch what you eat. If you are short on time, there are some very healthy options too that can be planned and kept at home instead of eating unhealthy food outside. Replace your burgers and other junk food with a bowl of cornflakes and sprouts that hardly takes any time in getting ready. Likewise there can be several other healthy eating options available.

  1. Workout:
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Start working out as little or more, but make sure you give at least 30 minutes in a day to your body. Our body is our temple and therefore, we should associate its fitness to our self respect.

If you do not manage to find 30 minutes at a stretch- try taking out 3 slots of 10 minutes each every day and do brisk walking. Workout not only keeps you healthy and fit but also channelizes the right blood flow and pumping of heart which are very much essential for one’s fitness.

  1. Be thankful:

A lot of negativity persists all around the world. It is because we tend to remember the misdeeds of others and forget the goodness that we come across often. Therefore, learn to be thankful and remember the blessings that you are bestowed with. Positive thinking not only attracts positive people in your life but changes your own attitude significantly which brings a lot of healthy changes in your life.

  1. Create something new:

Try doing something new every day giving boost to own self respect. It can be anything from planting a tree in your backyard to making a new cookie in the kitchen. Make something and get it acknowledged by someone. These days’ social media serves as an excellent platform in spreading awareness and appreciation. Let it help you and make your day special by sharing and showing up.

  1. Pamper yourself:

Let yourself soak in hot water bath or steam bath or visit a parlour to get cleansing of body/face etc. it is important to make a schedule to pamper yourself. It can be a day in a week or fortnightly but self pampering channelizes the feeling self respect and you start feeling importance of your existence in the world.

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