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5 incredible ways to improve Employee’s Productivity

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Employee productivity is vital in keeping your company alive and maintaining profitability. By being more productive, your employees can carry out difficult tasks in less time. Below is a quick read of how you can turn a poor performer into a productive powerhouse.

Better Recruiting

Hiring procedure differs from company to company and position to position but there are a few specific steps which a recruiter always follows, from writing a job description, searching, screening to identifying the best candidates, interviewing and giving them the offer letter.

Apart from the conventional recruiting steps, it is important for you to look closely and check how well your shortlisted candidate fits your company’s culture and core values.

While it may not look like a critical factor to focus on, it is one of the most important selection criteria because if you would pick someone that does fit your company culture and work style, it is likely to energize other employees and ultimately it can result in increased employee motivation and productivity.

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Give them Training and the Right Resources

Once the employees have been screened, interviewed, tested and recruited, it is your responsibility to give him the right kind of training and resources. He might need a new laptop for the new job or maybe for a certain task to fulfil, he requires some new skills — make sure that you give him the proper direction towards achieving a specific skillset. Other than this, training given regularly on basic things like touch-typing and spreadsheet handling can benefit both, employers and employees which leads to greater productivity.

Focus and Be Clear

Focus and clear communication towards achieving company goals are important to the company’s success and employee productivity.

We have always heard that communication is the key to success, it’s true in relationships and it is true in business. Without communication with your employees, clear idea of objectives, clear understanding of the short term and long-term goals, chances of failure can increase.

Another thing to improve your employee’s productivity is to make them stay focused on future goals. According to research, at the workplace, a big portion of time is spent on discussing problems that happened in the past and on the blame game. And, a very small portion of time is spent on discussing what is happening at the moment and 5% of the time is spent on discussing what should be done in the future.

Now here is a problem, if your employees are spending the most time on what happened in the past while assigning blame to each other, they can’t stay focused on the future and move forward. It is your responsibility to find quick positive solutions to past and present mistakes and make your employees stay committed more towards future goals.

Encourage Self Care

A lot of times, your employees suffer and get affected by many different things, thoughts, environment, stress, unfortunate circumstances. Everyone’s life is different, being a boss/executive, you never know which of your employees is suffering from what circumstances. It’s better to always encourage them self-care, talk to them, give them the right advice and solutions.

During 1996 to 2000, the employees who fell sick were due to occupational pressures and fears.

There are a lot of offices which work on stress management, if their employee is suffering from any mental or physical stress, they would encourage the employee to maybe take a stroll away from the workplace, a quick nap, talk to friends, eat a healthy snack or meditate in the break room or somewhere private.

Make sure to have a check and balance on the mental and physical health of your employees and encourage self-care because they are the ones who will take the company forward with you.

Don’t Block Social Media Platforms

There are a number of reasons why a person uses social media, maybe some use it to take a mental break from work while others use it for any professional purpose or to be productive.

Blocking social media platforms from the browser or not allowing the use of social media on phones is certainly not a way to improve your employee’s productivity. It’s more like not trusting them while they are at work.

Also, according to research, social media savvy people are more productive, better multi-taskers and happier comparably than others.

These are some ways you can improve the productivity of your employees and make your company more successful. However, each company has different shortcomings. And, there are different ways companies grow. We recommend you hire a company like Ecap, an organization which provides advisory board services and helps companies grow by providing strategic advice and comprehensive consultation.

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