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4 Tips for managing acid reflux post winter festive season

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Various studies back that winter season is leveraged with an increased risk of acid reflux due to various reasons. Firstly, we tend to live a sedentary lifestyle and spend extra hours in our beds during winters. We feel lethargic which eventually demotivates us to go out in the sunlight and indulge ourselves in physical activities. This further restricts us from the getting our daily dose of natural Vitamin D via sunlight. Unfortunately, lack of vitamin D is closely associated with an increased risk of acid reflux.

Secondly, winters and cold weather tends to increase our appetite. This often leverages us to binge on comfort foods, especially when the winter festive season is in full swing.  For instance, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Lohri, Basant Panchmi etc. are some of the festivals celebrated in winters that make us forget the importance of healthy eating. We binge on sweets, fried, and fatty foods that in-many-cases make us vulnerable to stomach issues like gas, acidity, and heartburn.  Fortunately, the respective issues can be relieved easily with home remedies for heartburn and acidity and with natural remedies for gas.

Here are some essential tips you should follow for managing acid reflux in winters:

  1. Keep an antacid handy

Antacids are OTC products that neutralize acids in the stomach and provide instant relief form acidity. However, make sure you’re consuming natural antacids only. For instance, you can decide on antacids like Gas-o-Fast. It is not only loaded with the goodness of ayurveda, but is infused with the digestive benefits of natural ingredients like jeera, ajwain, and pudina.

2. Eat foods with high water content

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Eating foods that boast high water content is helpful in diluting and weakening stomach acid. Thus, make sure you include watery foods like celery, cucumber, lettuce, herbal teas, and broth-based soups in your daily diet, especially when your consumption of acidic foods is high during the festive season. Moreover, don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

3. Eat your meals timely

Make sure that you are eating your meals timely. Don’t go off track with your eating routine and eat at least 2 hours before going to bed. Also, you should avoid drinking coffee or tea to start your day with an empty stomach. Moreover, make sure that you eat small meals at equal intervals instead of having large meals at irregular intervals.

4. Avoid fizzy and alcoholic beverages 

Avoid drinking fizzy and alcoholic beverages. They not only alleviate the risk of gas pain, nausea, and bloating but also impedes with the functioning of LES that eventually results in an acid reflux. Instead, opt for healthy and tasty beverages like fresh juices and fruit smoothies.

Last but not the least; keep yourself indulged in physical activities irrespective of the weather. In case, you’re unable to go outdoors, practice some yoga poses like Parsvottan asana, Virabhadr asana, and Trikon asana in your room. 

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