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4 in 1 Café Barrier

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Jack of all trades is this ultra-modern and versatile Café Barrier, an amazing multi-purpose product from the house of the well-known Q-Manager. Created at Q-Manager’s in-house manufacturing plant, the product is absolutely tried and tested to deliver 100 per cent quality and safety.

Café barrier makes for an elegant barrier as well as signage product which serves multi-purpose for the industries such as hotels, restaurants, café, museums, malls, bars, clubs and various others. Well-appointed with easily compatible side skins, it can assist a business house to control the dispersion of crowd systematically while grabbing customers’ attention by displaying exciting offers, promotional content and quantum information on its banner.

Coming in four different finishes of Stainless Steel, Powder Coated, Brass and Chrome, our café barriers lend a chic makeover to your premises. Its premium finish and endurance make it worth an investment which reaps benefits for years.

Read ahead to know how café barrier manages crowd and queues and improves your customer experience, brand value and work efficiency.

Café barrier is useful to your business in four different ways:

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Barricading: Barricade or cordon off restricted areas to control human and automobile access with these café barriers without offending customers or creating a sense of barricading in the premises. These portable barriers can be extended up to any number for more controlled scenario at heavy footfall area.

Dividing: Divide the queues or passages into different sections using this stylish barrier while guiding customers in different directions through its banner. The outside areas of restaurants can use this property well for food and dining sections.

Brand Promotion: Promote your brand amongst customers by displaying branding content on this big banner to highlight your products, services and ideas. This will definitely catch the attention of intended customers.

Signage: This product has enough space to guide the crowd by display directional signs, important information and notifications, special offers and many more. Thus it can act well as a directional signage for the first time visitors of your place.

Easy to implement and replace, this crowd control and public guidance product is a great pick for places with heavy footfall. This high-grade product is specially designed to control the crowd, manage lines and for public guidance so as to create a disciplined and smooth working environment for employees and customer satisfaction.

With the easily changeable side skins, these café barriers provide a great opportunity for promotional campaigns where users can get the attention of the passing by visitors simply by putting a wide message on the banner.

So if you want to get this 4 in 1 Café Barrier that not only barricades but also do the promotion in a fine manner, why not go with Q-Manager. The product specifications that are offered here include:

Product Specification
Tube Diameter 2.0 Inches Diameters
Material & Finish Mild Steel – Electro Chrome Plated
Base 14 inches
No Of Post 2
Banner Type Rod Frame / Customized / Acrylic fixed / Canvas
Height 1 Meter Approx.
Chain Weight 9-10 Kg Approx. Per Post
Banner Length: 4 ft. * Width: 2.5 ft.
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Mohd Gulbaz
Mohd Gulbazhttps://www.q-manager.com/
Q-Manager®! A place to find tasteful crowd control solutions to manage the public you serve! Q-Manager® was founded in 2004 with a mission to proffer superior solutions for their client's business needs.

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