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4 Fundamentals of industrial lighting design

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Developing a highly appropriate lighting plan for commercial spaces like industries is often a big challenge. Architectural designs of industrial spaces are highly demanding as different areas have distinct utilizations, ceiling heights, and other designing elements. This eventually creates the need of a dynamic lighting solution that can cater to all the illumination needs of the space comprehensively. 

As per the leading commercial lighting manufacturers, an industrial lighting solution should comprise of various types of LED luminaires, including indoor lights, outdoor lights, and smart lighting controls that can serve specific purposes. For instance, almost all the industrial lighting designs utilize commercial LED flood lights for illuminating large open spaces and high bay lights in warehouses and storage areas.

Here are some fundamentals of industrial lighting design that can help you in making an appropriate buying decision:

1. Workplace safety

Ensuring a safe, comfortable, and healthy work environment for the employees should be the top priority of all the industrial spaces. Appropriate illumination minimizes the risk of mishaps (injuries and accidents) and safeguards the employees and workers. Pure industrial facilities typically rely on heavy machinery that can make the space prone to accidents, if necessary safety measures are not taken.Thus, authorities should always make sure that the space is always appropriately lit.

2. Return on Investments (RoI)

The leading industrial lighting manufacturers assert that lighting can play a notable role in contributing to business profits as it can help companies save a substantial amount of money on electricity bills and maintenance cost.For instance, industrial LED lighting solutions are powered by a network of LED lights that are more durable and energy efficient than their traditional counterparts. Though their installation may seem expensive in the beginning, they are capable of repaying the initial cost of investment with considerable savings.

3. Biophilic designs

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A biophilic design is referred to as a modern architectural concept that increases an occupant’s connectivity to nature with eco-friendly designs. It typically includes the maximization of natural light and ventilation that can eventually increases an employee’s productivity levels. However, in many industries, incorporation of natural light remains not considered. Thus, LED lighting solutions serve as the best alternative.

4. Efficiency

Cost of lighting is directly proportional to the size of the industry. While authorities cannot cut on the illumination needs, they can save money by increasing the energy efficiency quotient of the lighting solution. For instance, they can decide on LED lighting solutions by Wipro Lighting that are almost 80% more efficient that traditional lighting designs.

Apart from the above-mentioned fundamentals, it is also important for authorities to keep other aspects like heat management, IP rating, safe wiring, etc. in mind when drawing out an industrial lighting design plan.

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