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4 Energy Saving Tips for Winters

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Winters may incur you a higher cost of living. You need to stay warm and feel well during the colder months that may often result in the surging of electricity use in your household. Using various electrical and heating appliances like room heaters, water geysers, heat convectors, electric stoves, etc. multiple times during the day can eventually increase the electricity bills and get heavy on the pockets. However, adhering to certain tips can help you in bringing down these bills and save significantly on energy.

Here are some tips that can help you in saving energy during the winter season:

  1. Let the sunlight in

Maximising the power of sunlight and using natural light for illuminating the space minimizes the use of artificial lights in an indoor space. As per the top architects in India, you should decide on the installation of big windows or ceiling windows that allow sunlight into the space. Since sunlight is available free of cost, it is possibly one of the most efficient ways of illuminating spaces during the day hours. Moreover, apart from contributing to achieving energy efficiency, natural light is also beneficial for your health.     

  • Insulate the windows

The best architects in India claim that a notable amount of heat inside the house can escape via low-efficiency windows during winters. Thus, it is important that you ensure proper insulation of your windows. You can either use heavy duty plastic sheets for insulation or upgrade to storm windows. Moreover, you should also cover all the draft windows with tight-fitting insulating drapes or shades.        

  • Use portable space heaters

Instead of heating the whole house, place small portable space heaters in high traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms. As per the best architects in Delhi, people often waste a notable amount of energy in heating rooms they don’t often use. Using heaters at appropriate locations will not only provide a warm and comfortable environment but also lower the overall cost of heating throughout the season

  • Replace lights with LED counterparts
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Illuminating the space with natural light during the day is a smart idea that complements energy efficiency. However, you still need artificial lights in order to ensure proper illumination as the sun sets down. In such a scenario, the top architects in Delhi suggest that people should replace all their lighting appliances with LED based lights this winter season. LED lights are the most energy efficient lighting technology in the world. Moreover, they boast a robust build and high durability that makes them highly appropriate for winter use. Lastly, invest in thermostats. The best architects in Mumbai suggest that it is an easy home upgrade that not only helps in notably cutting down the cost of heating in winters but also the air conditioning costs in summers.

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