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Women gaining weight after blowing their50th birthday candles is a common phenomenon. According to the top bariatric surgeons in India, a woman’s bodyundergoes major changes after the menopause period due to appetite and hormonal changes. 

Ageing slows down the metabolism and initiates gradual loss of muscle mass, eventually resulting in weight gain. Lack of proper sleep, stress, depression, and improper nutrition are some other factors that result in weight gain. 

Since a woman’s body undergoes a lot of physical changes, losing weight becomes a tedious task. But contrary to the belief, research claims that women after crossing the age of 50 can still lose weight with healthy eating and regular exercising routines. 

Here are 4 best ways women can loseweight after 50:

1. Eat Healthy

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Hormonal and metabolic changes along with mental and social barriersadversely affectthe eating habits of women. This adds to weight gain and prevents them from losing the surplus weight. Thus,it is important to makesignificant lifestyle changes with healthy eating habits in order to prevent weight gain. The best bariatric surgeons in India suggest women to eat less. However, eating less doesn’t mean skipping meals but it refers to calorie deficit. It is suggested that women should consume at least 1200 calories per day and consume a diet rich in essential nutrients.  

2. Exercise

Ageing and menopause are known to make women less active. This is one of the primary reasons of fat accumulation. Women after 50 may experience body ache and pain that can prevent them from moving around much. However, experts suggest them to sustain their will power and opt for a regular exercising routine. According to the best obesity surgeons in India, exercising is essential for a healthy weight loss,irrespective of age.Hence, they suggest women to at least walk for 30 minutes per day.   

3. Build Muscle

Studies reveal that ageing is proportional to muscle loss. The more we age, the more amount of muscle we lose. According to the top obesity surgeons in India, muscles get replaced by fat, primarily in the mid-section. Thus, they suggest women to build muscles as it is a great way to reduce fat from the body.  

4. Control Portions

According to medical experts, the metabolic rate of humans may decrease by almost 8% withevery decade of their life. This considerably affects the eating habits of people, especially of women. Thus, women should opt for a healthy diet plan in order to successfully lose extra fat. While consuming healthy food is an important aspect of a diet plan, portion control is also an essential one. Since the metabolic rate is slowed down, portion control becomes vitalin losing weight.  

A fit and healthy body is key to a happy life. Thus, women should avoid getting bound by the age factor and fire up their spirits for maintaining their shape.  

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