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4 Best Ways to select the Best CCTV Camera for Home?

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Closed circuit television cameras, also known as CCTVs, are one of the most reliable security equipment in today’s world. As per the leading surveillance solutionexperts, the installation of CCTV cameras can help in safeguarding nearly all the business modules, shops, and residential properties from unethical practices, as they can effectively monitor the activities in all vulnerable areas and add an additional layer of security to the property.

Over the period of time, CCTVs for homehave gained substantial acknowledgment and become a pivotal security measure that people take to ensure the safety of their property and loved ones. However, the market is flooded with various types of house security cameras that often tend to confuse the buyers. Thus, in case you’re planning to buy a home surveillance system, it is important to consider some tips before deciding on the best CCTV cameras for your home.

Here are some important features one should consider before buying the best CCTV camera for home:

1. Storage options

CCTV cameras are typically installed with a digital video recorder or DVR for recording digital videos on a hard disk. Nevertheless, with innovation being a paramount force in the CCTV technology domain, the best CCTV camera brands in India have introduced cameras that are a complete CCTV system in itself. These cameras may have an in-built card slot to store data in the memory card. However, they are a bit expensive than the ones with DVR storage.

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2. Video quality

Quality of the video output is another significant factor one should consider before making a CCTV purchasing decision. HD CCTV cameras record videos in high quality, i.e. in 720p or 1080p resolution. However, the size of these videos is comparatively larger, and thus, requires higher storage. 

3. Range

CCTV cameras come with various range options. Higher the range, better will be the quality of the video. For instance, surveillance solutionexperts assert that homeowners should decide on CCTV cameras that have a minimum range of at least 12 to 20 meters.

4. IP rating

CCTVs are often installed in outdoor areas, and hence, are more prone to damage. The best home surveillance cameras are typically IP rated that makes them capable of withstanding dust and water. For instance, many CCTV cameras for home are weatherproof and rated IP66.    Price, warranty, ease of installation, audio system integration, titling and panning capabilities, etc. are some of the other important parameters one should consider before deciding on the best CCTV security solution for their homes.

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