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3 Ways to Tackle Performance Anxiety

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Performance anxiety is one of the biggest opponents against a happy sex life. It can act as a physical and emotional hurdle that has the potential to impact how you perceive life- both inside and outside the bedroom.

What happens to your body with performance anxiety?

It’s not all in your head, although performance anxiety often stems from the head. You might think that anxiety is just an emotional or psychological problem but it is also a physical concern with serious associated health implications. Performance anxiety is a part of the body’s natural fight or flight response. It is a warning sign meant to protect us from any possible danger.

Where does performance anxiety roots from?

It starts small and is usually psychological, where you start stressing about your sexual experiences. Things like “Was it good enough?”, “Did I make her/him happy?” or “What did my partner think about that new thing I tried?”

The more you will ask yourself these questions, the more anxious you will feel. These thoughts can affect your performance and obstruct you from having enjoyable intercourse.

So how do you overcome performance anxiety?

1) Need to stop thinking of sex as goal-oriented

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Sex is not about putting on a performance or having an orgasm, it’s about intimacy and pleasure. As long as you are feeling connected with your partner, it’s all good. When getting into the act, try not to worry about the orgasm and tell your partner you want to solely focus on foreplay. This can relieve some pressure and give you time to explore each other’s likes and dislikes. Moreover, it can help overcome some mental hurdles moving forward.

2) Gentle reminder- You are awesome

Every morning, stand in front of a mirror and say some positive affirmations out loud. Tell yourself that you are good and are fully capable of giving yourself and your partner pleasure. Whatever phrases work for you, do it!

Think about all the sensual and romantic moments you have shared with your partner, it will remind you of your sexual prowess and how amazing you felt during those moments. This gentle reminder can instantly renew your sexuality and bring you in a better mood.

3. Communicate with your partner

Communication is key to a healthy relationship and helps overcome performance anxiety. No matter what the situation or topic is, it’s always better to seek help and talk about it with your partner. Often, your partner can make you feel better by reassuring you and letting you know how they perceive the topic. Honesty allows you to work together as a team and overcome the situation. In addition to that, opening the lines of communication will allow you to try out new things with your significant other. For instance, it can be the smallest thing such as using flavoured condoms by Manforce Condoms instead of normal ones. You might think that they don’t care but saying things out loud releases pressure and you never know, maybe they were also thinking about switching things up.Don’t be so hard on yourself. Even after following the aforementioned steps, if you still feel the same way, there’s no shame in seeking help and talking to a professional. It will help you get back to having a healthier sex life.

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