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3 Ways to Enhance IoT Security

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IoT Security The Internet of things (IoT) is a technological progression that has completely transformed the global business world. It has grown from a theoretical concept to a practical reality that has pierced into all key functions of enterprises. According to experts, IoT is an ever advancing technology. It is predicted that almost 127 devices get connected to the internet every second while almost 20.4 billion devices will get connected by the year 2020.    

What is Internet of Things?   

Internet of things (IoT) is a state-of-the-art technology that has changed the domain of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. It allows devices to connect over the internet, enabling them to interact and exchange information effortlessly. With multiple benefits, it empowers enterprises to surge their operational efficiency and increase their workforce proficiency.IoT Security

IoT security solutions have always remained a subject of discussion in the IT domain. Though major industries have incorporated IoT solutions, various upfront reports have highlighted the need of securing the IoT device networks.

Some ways to improve the security of IoT networks include:

  1. Data Protection
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Though data serves as a bedrock for any enterprise, it is still prone to various risks including thefts and breaches. According to IT experts, data corruption or data losses pose significant risks to the financial as well as reputational stakes of any organization. IoT enables users to store and access data at various end-point devices which are vulnerable to hacking and malfunctioning. Thus, it is important to impose strong communication protocols that limits system interaction while providing efficient security to the data and device.IoT Security

  1. Securing Device Software

Embedded software codes and applications of end-point devices are prone to malware attacks and may raise serious security concerns. According to experts, infected data from accessed on end-point devices may also infect sensitive data stored in the central system. Thus, it is important to timely update all device software with incorporation of strong passwords and security credentials. Enterprises should also ensure maintenance of end-point identities by providing unique identification serial numbers or cryptographic identities.

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  1. Proactive Approach

Since cyber-attacks can make organizations incur heavy monetary losses, incorporation of proactive approaches becomes an essential fragment for securing the IoT network. Some approaches include:

  • Understanding the risk matrix of the devices and applying appropriate security controls
  • Assessment of IoT device’s security characteristics
  • Increased endpoints may strain capacities of existing system. Thus, enterprises should improve their IoT security solutions wherever possible  
  • Deployment of automated security for data monitoring, threat identification, and other security facets
  • Considering the entire IoT ecosystem and evaluating all security capabilities of the device as well as vendors

According to the top IoT service providers, the security requirements and needs of IoT devices largely depend on specific functionalities and data management procedures. However, with modern enterprises comprising of various levels and types of communication networks, it is essential to ensure that every connected device meets all necessary security requirements.  

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